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Jaime Manteiga Is Making Traditional Business Cards Obsolete

Entrepreneur and visionary Jaime Manteiga is introducing a phenomenal change in the way businesses are being done with his revolutionary TapTok technology that ultimately gets rid of the traditional business card exchange and simplifies making connections. Using the TapTok card simply requires tapping it on another person’s NFL-enabled device to transfer contact details instantly. It does not require touching surfaces that may have been previously touched by another person, a perfect way to sustain business relations during a pandemic.

Jaime Manteiga, TapTok CEO and founder, is a Cuban-American currently residing in Miami, Florida. He is a member of the International Forbes Technology Council and the Young Entrepreneurs Council. Aside from TapTok, he is also the founder of the cybersecurity firm Venkon Corp. Aside from Manteiga’s passion for developing new technologies, he also actively participates and sponsors marathons to help with different causes in the South Florida area. 

The TapTok card is designed to be simple and very user-friendly. One simply has to tap or scan the card on the back of another person’s phone to transfer contact details without having to download any application. The inspiration to create this product was revealed to Jaime Manteiga in late 2019 while reading the iOS updates for the year. He instantly noticed that Apple made significant changes by including a new technology known as NFC. This new feature is primarily used for wireless payments. Manteiga noticed, however, that it also has the ability to read general protocols such as those in websites. 

Without any delay, Jaime Manteiga mobilized his contacts in the manufacturing industry as well as his team of developers and designers to come up with a prototype. It went through a series of tests, and functionalities were further improved to better serve users. After showing the prototype some business owners and close friends, Manteiga was delighted that their response was favorable.

A month and a half ago, Jaime Manteiga officially launched the TapTok Card and is already generating a five-figure revenue. The product is presently growing exponentially and is attracting more clients as people are starting to take notice of its simplicity, convenience, and high functionality. While the challenge in the next few months would be educating potential clients of its long-term benefits, Manteiga is confident that with the right marketing tools and content, they will be able to reach a massive audience in a matter of weeks. 

Another exciting feature of the TapTok Card is that it does not require annual subscription fees. Jaime Manteiga made sure that clients only pay once to get it. Clients within the United States also get to enjoy free shipping. Additionally, the company offers a lifetime warranty for every TapTok card purchased by clients. 

In the coming years, Jaime Manteiga can clearly see how the next generation will no longer be familiar with business cards as his company would have done a full shift in the business industry. In the next few years, Mateiga will make business cards obsolete, and he will usher in a new generation that will enjoy hands-free exchange of contact details that will help establish networks and develop businesses. 

Learn more about TapTok Inc. and Jaime Manteiga‘s entrepreneurial vision by visiting this website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for additional details.

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