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Fully Animated NFT Project Galaxy Invaders Gears up for Launch

Recently, cyberspace has seen a surge of new projects involving cryptography-based virtual currency, more commonly known as cryptocurrencies. Because of this, it has become more challenging to break through the industry and create an impact. However, an upcoming NFT collection is turning heads for its innovation and ground-breaking ideas—Galaxy Invaders.

The promising project is the first of its kind to produce fully animated artworks instead of the static designs typically seen in other collections. This bold and inventive approach has disrupted the crypto industry and opened up a world of possibilities for future and current NFT ventures.

In addition to being innovative, the collection is praised for its fun and delightful concept. It takes investors to a new dimension with its creative backstory involving cute yet deadly alien creatures. 

Its official website says, “Over the millennia, the Galaxy Invaders Gang have developed their technologies and maintained their advanced civilization. However, throughout their ascension, they have depleted the resources in their galaxy and are now on the brink of extinction.”

The collection contains 10,000 distinct artworks, which are developed with Rust and powered on the Ethereum blockchain. Every token comes with its own unique set of valuable items, gear, and technology. There are a total of 120 different items that will be equipped in random combinations that can aid the aliens on their invasion quest. However, what separates Galaxy Invaders from the competition is its clever use of fully animated 2D characters as well as animated assets, including backgrounds, which perfectly complement its futuristic theme.

On top of providing people with an out-of-this-world NFT collection, the creators of Galaxy Invaders also hope that their project will entice more individuals to become part of the rapidly growing NFT community. They candidly stated, “Our project is meant to appeal to all ages and people with different backgrounds because we want to build a strong community where people build lifelong friendships with a common interest in the NFT community.”

The developers’ goal is to create an exceptional project with a lot of utility. For this reason, they came up with a highly unique roadmap that assures plenty of benefits and perks to token holders. One such advantage is having access to the team’s future projects, Invader Gang Armada.

While the exciting venture is expected to drop on November 29th, it has already created a buzz within the community due to its great potential. Not only that, but Galaxy Invaders has also partnered with other NFTs for collaboration giveaways.

Interested parties should keep an eye out for the highly awaited AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that will happen. Before the project’s launch, its brilliant founders, Outfoxed and Cannaesita, will be answering questions regarding Galaxy Invaders and interacting with everyone curious to become part of the remarkable community of Galaxy Invaders. Learn more about the Galaxy Invaders NFT project and participate in ongoing giveaways by checking out its official website and Twitter page. You can also join in on the community discussion through its dedicated Discord server.