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From Novice to Master Anastasiia Pogrebnaia’s Guide to Becoming a Top Brow Artist

From Novice to Master Anastasiia Pogrebnaia's Guide to Becoming a Top Brow Artist
Photo Courtesy: Anastasiia Pogrebnaia

By Natalie Brooks

Many people dream of working in the beauty industry and earning a high salary. They also want to plan their own work schedule. But did you know that if you just do eyebrows for clients, you can achieve incredible success? In this article, Anastasiia Pogrebnaia will share what it takes to become a top master.

Anastasiia has been working in the beauty industry for over ten years. However, working with eyebrows brought her more pleasure, and she became a top master. During her career, Anastasiia opened her educational YouTube channel for brow artists. Also, she won prizes at the international eyebrow championships and is now a jury member for these championships. In addition, Anastasiia wrote a book, “How to Become a Brow Artist,” and became a brand technologist at the international company Elan. Moreover, she had no clients when working as an eyebrow artist. But, having walked this path, Anastasia Pogrebnaya is ready to share with us how she managed to build a career in the eyebrow industry.

“Analyzing my work, from my eyebrow training until today”—Anastasiia shares with us”—I can divide my journey into three major stages.”

Career Start.

At this stage, the brow artist needs to determine their workplace. It’s better to find a beauty co-working space because there are already many resources available. The space should be comfortable for the brow artist and their future clients. 

Then, the master needs to recruit many models. There could be 10 of them or maybe 50. It depends on the brow artist’s confidence and how quickly they master shaping eyebrows. At the beginning of the journey, these are the most important actions for beginner brow artists. Without regular practice of their skills, they won’t achieve anything. 

Additionally, beginner brow artists must constantly showcase their work on models in their social networks. Once their profile is filled with their eyebrow works and the eyebrows start to look better, it’s time to start advertising for clients.

At this stage, all brow artists are just starting their work. They make their first mistakes and correct them. At this moment, don’t expect many requests from clients. Just keep working with models, and don’t forget to post your work on social networks. 

First clients, first recognition.

Over time, the brow artist will build a small client base. It’s important not to miss this moment and start working on your recognition.

The brow artist should participate in eyebrow championships and attend master classes and exhibitions. Each of these moments should be shared on their social networks. Then, more clients will come to the brow artist because they will have more trust in the master.

In parallel, the brow artist should continue working with models. They need to create high-quality and creative content showcasing their eyebrow work. They shouldn’t imitate their colleagues and make repetitive videos with models. It’s important to stand out and set their trends.

The brow artist should mention the manufacturers of the products they use in all their social media posts. This way, the first invitations for the brow artist to speak at master classes or to judge at eyebrow championships will come in.

At this stage, people will start noticing the brow artist as a skilled master. It’s crucial not to miss this moment. Now, they need to work even harder. They should showcase their work more frequently, but they need to do it creatively to stand out from their colleagues.

High salary and expertise.

Now, the brow artist can and should scale up their recognition and salary. For this, they can open their own beauty salon or beauty co-working space, launch their own brand of eyebrow materials, or create their own show or podcast. There’s no point in starting such important things earlier. After all, without recognition, there won’t be much support from the audience. But now is the perfect time.

At this stage, the brow artist just needs to decide what to focus on. All doors are open to them.

“You can achieve great career heights if you set your goals correctly” – Anastasiia shares with us. After all, one of the advantages of being a brow artist is that there’s no ceiling here, just like in any other direction in the beauty industry. At the moment, Anastasiia is a professional brow artist. She has a large client base. Additionally, she leads masterclasses for brow artists and serves as a judge at international brow championships. Thanks to this, Anastasiia has students from all over the world: the USA, Canada, Italy, and other European countries.

Approach your work as a brow artist like a business plan. In that case, it will be quicker and easier to grow professionally. Most importantly, believe in yourself, and you will succeed.

Published by: Holy Minoza

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