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Former Football Player Turned Coach, Mehran Rowshan, Develops Young Talent Through Innovative Strategies

For some people, football is more than just a sport; it is a passionate display of skills and talent that transcends the boundaries of competition. Mehran Rowshan is a former football player who suddenly lost his career due to a severe injury that he sustained at such a young age. The passionate football player did not let the incident faze him. In fact, it made his passion for the game grow even deeper.

Since he could no longer play, Mehran Rowshan transitioned his role toward becoming a professional coach at the age of 22. He poured his passion and skills toward coaching as he mentored the future generations of football through a variety of unique strategies that proved to be useful on and off the pitch. 

His passion for football runs deep within their bloodline. Mehran Rowshan had always loved the sport ever since he was a kid. His grandfather was one of the founding members of TaJ, one of Asia’s biggest football clubs that remains to be active to this very day. At the same time, Mehran’s uncle is the renowned Hassan Rowshan, who is considered a national sporting hero after massively contributing to his team, bringing them to the Asian Cup three times in the ’70s.

Hassan Rowshan also became the only player who has ever scored for Iran in the Asian Cup, World Cup, and the Olympics. He is a football legend among the people of Iran, and Mehran hopes to carry their football legacy as he carries on with his coaching career. 

The thriving football coach holds a degree in Economics and Management, so he uses a rather intellectual approach toward training his students. Through his work as a football coach, he has managed to travel to the biggest countries in football, namely England, Spain, Portugal, and Holland. In 2009, Mehran Rowshan became one of Arsenal Soccer School Dubai’s founding members as a multiple FA licensed coach.

In 2015, Mehran Rowshan established the Alliance Football Club to further develop the life skills of young football athletes. Eventually, the organization grew bigger and bigger to the point of even becoming the city’s most recognized sporting community. Mehran has absolute freedom to use unique training methods and initiatives that he designed since he is the director and head coach of the renowned football club. 

“The world of life coaching currently does not offer something specifically designed for young people—there is a focus on therapy from the point of view to ‘fix a problem’ but nothing from the perspective of building a positive mindset through brain training and other relevant techniques, especially among amateur athletes,” says Mehran Rowshan. “I want to adopt progressive and pioneering coaching techniques to help the next generation to build resiliency and new ways of becoming fulfilled. My unyielding and immersive outlook on work and lifestyle go hand in hand,” he adds. 

The successful football coach takes training to the next level by applying several developmental aspects to his drills, such as psychology, nutrition, and exposing his players to helpful opportunities that would develop their life skills. He isn’t just a traditional football coach. He develops the youth in more ways than one, which is why he is such a massively respected figure inside and outside of football. 

Mehran Rowshan’s experience is unmatched. He has coached over 10,000 players to date, and he wishes to consistently add more value to his coaching techniques in the years to come. He is a true inspiration for the youth and for other aspiring football players and coaches out there. Mehran is the real deal, and it’s only a matter of time before he reaches the top, along with those that train under him.To know more about Mehran Rowshan, make sure to visit his official website and check out the official Alliance Football Club website as well.