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Dirty Dawgs NFT Building a World of Excitement for Basketball Lovers in the Metaverse

Non-fungible tokens and their run in the digital world have remained relentless and unstoppable. Dirty Dawgs NFT is the latest entrant, giving basketball enthusiasts and fans something to be a part of.

Dirty Dawgs are uniquely generated NFTs that get their traits assigned once they are minted. The unique NFT offers some perks right off the bat, such as untethered access to the Baller Universe, where holders get to be a part of an expansive play-to-earn game, a unique secondary market, and one-of-a-kind real-world experiences available only to Dirty Dawgs NFT holders.

As a collection of 8,888 characters/tokens, Dirty Dawg NFT is all about giving holders real value and an assurance that they are joining a potentially rewarding project. The collection is stored on the Ethereum network as an ERC-721 token. In addition, the combination of hand-drawn bull dawg artwork with a wide range of traits makes each Dirty Dawg’s identity unique.

Dirty Dawgs features over 100 hand-drawn traits, with holders getting access to an exclusive group of Dirty Dawg collectors, exclusive utilities, massive cash benefits, and play-to-earn opportunities. All holders will get a baller in the metaverse that will enable them to earn some Dirty Dawg Coin. A thriving community is already building up on Discord while the project is gaining massive traction on social media platforms, including  Twitter and Instagram.

Describing the motivation behind the project, a spokesperson said, “Our love for the game of basketball is the core of this project. With that being said, we will be giving away endless forms of entertainment to all holders, which include NBA tickets regularly, watch parties, and exclusive web3 networking events as a means to give back to the community.” In what the creators have tagged the “Dirtiest Dawg,” the 8,888 Dawgs in the collection will all be involved in a contest, and their athletic skills, technical mastery of basketball games, and the willingness to go through continuous upgrades to become legend will determine the winner. 

The world of the Dirty Dawgs NFT is one filled with competition and adventure, and holders are not left out. The project also takes pride in being a community-first NFT project, as the developers have expressed their desire to give back to the community through rewards and project growth. “We focus on networking and are looking for a strong community of people who want to expand their horizons, meet new people, and be a part of something far greater than themselves. We plan to give profits back to the community and contribute to an empowered world,” a member of the team said.

Dirty Dawg NFT offers holders some remarkable perks that are second to none, such as the baller in the Metaverse that will give them access to play to earn in the project’s upcoming Metaverse games launching in late 2022. Additionally, holding at least one Dirty Dawgs NFT gives holders access to the huge Tesla Model 3 live giveaway draw. A $25,000 cash incentive has also been announced, which five holders of the Ultra Rare Dirty Dawg will split after they have successfully minted an Ultra Rare token.

As part of the numerous real-life benefits that Dirty Dawg NFT offers, the Dirty Dawg team is purchasing “The Dawg Pound,” an Airbnb property that Ultra Rare and Legendary holders will share 50% of the monthly revenue generated from renting the property out. The remaining 50% of the revenue will be channeled towards community giveaways, marketing efforts, funding floor sweeps and play-to-earn development. Dirty Dawgs NFT will become available for minting on OpenSea in May 2022.