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Chicago Welcomes Tennis Champion Emir Hamzić

Serbian-American former professional tennis player Emir Hamzić is in Chicago. As of August 2020, the tennis champion has begun working as a full-time tennis professional at Lakeshore SF, Lincoln Park in the city. The citizens of Chicago are ecstatic, welcoming him with open arms, to have an athlete of Emir Hamzić’s caliber in their midst. 

When he was only 20 years old, the then professional athlete carved his name in stone after being crowned an All-American and winning a National Championship playing at the collegiate level. These titles launched Emir Hamzić into sports stardom and have made him well-known and respected throughout the United States and, internationally, in Europe. 

After snagging the biggest cup at the championship, Emir Hamzić elected to dedicate his effort to coaching full time. As internationally-lauded Coach Emir, the former athlete is more known for his strict attention to detail rather than his big serve and aggressive baseline game. 

To positively impact his students’ minds and conditions, the coach leverages his personal experience as an Undefeated Collegiate Athlete, Division 1 Champion, and All-American National Champion. Emir Hamzić maximizes his expertise from his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Kean University, and the impressive years he had devoted to his professional career.

Coach Emir’s portfolio also boasts of working alongside the world’s most famous tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri. His experience with Bollettieri helped Emir grow as an athlete and as a mentor. Soon, his success in his coaching endeavors would inspire him to establish his own training company. 

HAMZIC All American Training is a coaching company specializing in raising the next batch of All-American National champions. The company first took root in New Jersey, where, in a notably short period, Emir was recognized as the top coach in the Jersey shore. The professional athlete turned coach and businessman now serves as the head coach of his company, with experience as an academy and travel coach, and as the director of tennis. 

While managing his growing business venture, Emir Hamzić continues to enhance his tennis education working with ATP players, ATP coaches, top trainers, and elite athletes who have gone off to play NCAA and professionally. 

Seeking to further his reach and mentor a bigger group, the coach and CEO is branching out to other states and cities in the United States. Currently, Emir Hamzić is expanding his influence on Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to promoting tennis and training a new generation of champion athletes. 

Fresh off the success of the court, Emir Hamzić is now a nationally renowned tennis coach, serial entrepreneur, and the founder of HAMZIC All American Training. The tennis coach, serving all ages and levels, strives to be a true professional in whatever he does. 

Now, a full-time tennis professional at Chicago, the young coach, and entrepreneur is hitting big in the city. With Chicago as his court, Emir Hamzić is sure to get aspiring tennis professionals into champion shape. 

Stay updated on the former professional tennis player’s ventures. Emir Hamzić keeps his audience updated on his efforts to further his sport through his accounts on Instagram and Facebook