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Blood Moon NFT Is on the Horizon as the Moon Rises to Bring Life to the Night and Digital Space

The past decade has been progressive for technological innovations with the birth, evolution, and the rise of cryptocurrencies in the digital space. Along with the inception of cryptocurrency are Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs, but it wasn’t until recently that they started to boom. As brands continue to join the NFT community, Blood Moon has risen as one of the most prospective projects in the digital space.

Blood Moon, like many NFTs, is a collection of digital content, specifically illustrations. Although NFTs can vary in content, ranging from digital drawings to music to even social media posts, the creators of Blood Moon felt that the visual arts were the best medium for their brand.

“You don’t get that same boring feeling after you’ve looked at them for an hour,” said the artist and art director.

The NFT boasts different properties and traits that other brands lack. While most projects use the same typical properties with only slight differences in the drawings, Blood Moon takes a different approach. Rather than creating a single subject that can be drawn over with accessories, the team varies their illustrations and uses either whole or severed arms with hands holding different items like a human heart, a human head, or even a dead bunny. 

The team has also taken tremendous consideration into the background used for the pieces. To create a unique vibe to their works, the team strayed away from the simplicity of single background colors and instead created a series of scenes to tell a story. The Blood Moon team has also created a unique lore to add more charisma to their tokens.

The legend states that ordinary, everyday men are unwillingly turned into vicious werewolves every thousand years on the eve of the Blood Moon. These werewolves have wreaked havoc since the beginning of time, terrorizing villagers and citizens and leaving a trail of blood and victims, as they have an insatiable hunger for anything that has a beating heart. 

The people unite, and the hunters become the hunted under the Hunter’s Full Moon. One by one, the werewolves are captured and imprisoned until they return to normal men. There is additional folklore that there were once immortal werewolves. It is believed that these immortals wore rare medallions around their necks and could only be killed or returned to men if the necklace was removed. However, the immortal werewolves have not been documented for thousands of years. They are rumored to be extinct after getting hunted by the great Huntsmen of the North who sought the rare artifacts as it is believed that anyone who has their hands on them will gain eternal life.

With its unique backstory, Blood Moon is set to capture the attention of NFT enthusiasts, crypto fans, and even fans of the mythological beast. The team also strives to interest people who don’t know much about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. They are confident that the backstory will pique their interests and welcome them to the community. With the NFT launching on November 13, the Blood Moon team hopes to bring their project to the mainstream as they plan to hit the industry that deals with this daily.

Learn more about the Blood Moon NFT by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter.