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Become Legendary on Creating an Avenue for the Business Community to Thrive in the NFT Space

In the light of the high degree of competition saturating the NFT space, standing out can prove challenging. However, this is a feat that Become Legendary NFT has no trouble achieving, as it continues to gain a lot of traction for bringing utilities vital to the growth and success of the community. An exclusive multiverse entrepreneur and business community, one mission stands at the core of the project: to unite tomorrow’s legends from all around the world by connecting, learning, growing, and giving back to one another.

Become Legendary is a collection of 11,999 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on an interplanetary file system (IPFS). Each non-fungible token is unique and is generated from hundreds of elements and categorized into levels of a respective rarity: Heroes, Demigods, Titans, and Gods.

Holders of the Become Legendary NFT will be treated to a plethora of benefits categorized into four pillars: education, networking, digital incubator, and passive income. Holders are sure to be updated on the project through Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. As shared by the creators and developers behind the project, “Beside unique designs that stand out from all the rest, we offer real added value focused on business content.”

Following this, investors will gain lifetime access to international events hosted by the venture. Mastermind businesspeople and entrepreneurs from many different fields and industries will be present in these gatherings to share their expertise and unrivaled knowledge with the other members of the community. The creators hope to organize three to four of these functions per year, following the grand opening in Dubai from June 1 to 2 and the second event in South Africa in the first week of October.

But this is just touching the surface of the benefits awaiting the token holders. Become Legendary is committed to providing the community with additional utilities like earning a passive income in the form of Olymp Coins, which can be converted into tokens or exchanged for FIAT currencies. Additionally, the coin can be used to purchase digital services from other participants in the community.

Entrepreneurial token holders also have the opportunity to pitch their own startup project and earn a reward of up to $60,000 through the project’s Digital Incubator, where 10% of the project royalties go to. Holders fortunate enough to be picked will be given a chance to invest together with the founder team in upcoming projects and build their own portfolios in the digital world.

The project is currently adhering to a comprehensive roadmap divided into different phases. The minting phase consists of three parts to avoid gas wars and so everyone can be adequately accommodated. Whitelisted users will be able to participate in the first and second minting periods, which will last for 12 hours each. The first mint will have a supply of 1,500 NFTs at 0.17 ETH each, while the second mint will have 3,500 NFTs at 0.185 ETH each. The third mint will be the public sale lasting for 24 hours with 6,999 NFTs priced at 0.2 ETH each. Interested investors can only purchase a maximum of 10 tokens.

Right now, Become Legendary continues to gain momentum in the NFT space and is preparing to secure a prominent place at the forefront of the industry. In the following months, NFT enthusiasts can look forward to more updates, which will be revealed as the project progresses.