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Battle Zombies: Introducing the NFT Encompassing Art and Entertainment

The past decade has seen an unprecedented surge in technology advancements, including how society approaches even the most fundamental human activity. As a matter of fact, human achievements and activities such as running a business, investment opportunities, and even advocacies can now be accomplished via some simple digital tools through the internet. It is indeed a digital revolution that has not only changed how people make money but also the ease of doing so. 

The ongoing digital revolution has swept through virtually every aspect of human life, but it’s most telling impact can be felt in the financial industry, especially with the introduction of cryptocurrency and other digital assets like non-fungible tokens that have changed how people see money.

Built on the Solana blockchain, the latest NFT collection to hit the market is the Battle Zombies, an NFT enterprise that is actively pushing the limits of the digital arts and GameFi ecosystem. Featuring distinctive “play to win” and “play to earn” features, the project offers stylized 2D and 3D digital art firmly rooted in a unique and continually evolving storyline. These features provide real time incentives to users to win prizes in the form of NFTs and cryptocurrency tokens.

As part of a completely saturated NFT space, Battle Zombies presents unique opportunities to its expanding ecosystem, including freebies and giveaways to the first members who sign up and as they advance in their quest.

“We’re huge on charity and community, we’ll be donating $50,000 to veterans and be hosting a paintballing event (covered by us) where members of our community can battle it out in real time!” the creators shared.

Aside from its dedication to promoting art, Battle Zombies vows to stay committed to its vision of establishing social relationships and building stronger communities. As a matter of fact, it plans to host a real-life hunt, bringing the community beyond the screen all while bridging the gap between digital and tangible art by supporting independent stores and businesses during this highly-anticipated event.

“Those who are participating in our hunt shall be required to spend a certain amount of in-store purchases from a wide variety of art businesses we have partnered with,” shared the Battle Zombies spokesperson. “Once accomplished, they can claim their free NFT,” they added.

Anybody can get involved in the hunt, be it their community or the general public. They could randomly stumble on the NFT art in public, or if they’re more savvy, utilise a map the team will provide online with clues on where the NFTs are roughly located.

Battle Zombies NFTs want to have a positive impact beyond screens and the digital world. This project brings together digital art, tangible art, gaming, and community while supporting independent artists and establishments. 

To learn more about this collection, you can visit this website. To follow them on social media, you can check this page.