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Anthony Mendez Goes Beyond Health & Fitness as He Coaches Professionals on the Power of Social Media

Social media has been a game-changer for people in their everyday lives and work. Health & fitness entrepreneur and coach Anthony Mendez has not only been aware of the opportunities that social media brought on its inception, but he has been using it to help others learn how to use it and thrive.

Anthony Mendez is a graduate from New York Equinox Academy, obtaining a diploma in Coaching. From there, he would go on to build top notch experience as a health and fitness coach. Mendez specializes in unique movement training and mindset coaching, implementing unconventional tools as he focuses on body weight, flows, and correctives. He is also known for nourishing the mind, body, and soul. 

As a dedicated community leader on social media, Mendez decided to use his platform to network, educate, and build with others to create a lasting impact. He started his coaching business when he saw firsthand that many great and experienced coaches had no idea how social media and online business marketing worked. Mendez saw that despite having social media set up for their businesses, they didn’t know how to use it effectively for marketing and serving their clients. He decided to take immediate action and help out his fellow health and fitness professionals.

Anthony Mendez created a coaching program where he teaches them to build a bulletproof mindset to keep their sight on the goal. They learn how to create a high optimizing schedule and to create their ideal avatar. When they have it set, they create their core offer, which their clients will be looking for. Then they make a social media content blueprint, listing what they’ll be posting in accordance with their schedule. Mendez also teaches them how they can generate leads, showing them where to find their ideal avatars and how to connect with their clients properly, building a relationship with them and closing them over a call on their problem’s solution.

From there, Mendez gets more technical by teaching coaches how to fully optimize Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Once they get the hang of it, he teaches them how to launch an impactful campaign for ultimate results. As a bonus, Mendez teaches them how they can earn more by working with the right brands. He shows them how to hold the right conversations and make proper negotiations with brands to build a strong relationship that can see them receive great compensation for the work they put in. Mendez concludes his program by providing the coaches with the proper business tools to run an online business.

What makes Anthony Mendez unique is his background in both business and health & fitness. Because many business coaches have no thorough background in health & fitness, they often turn to him for help. Mendez can understand what most of his clients are looking for, how to spark their language, understand the trends in the industry, keep up to date with the top certifications, and be able to share his personal experiences as a fitness coach with them to help them on their business journey.To find out more about Anthony Mendez, you may visit his website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendez Fitness YouTube, Sweat It Out Podcast, and TikTok.

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