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Zodiac NFT, the Narrative-Driven Project Set to Deliver a Memorable 3D Experience to All Holders

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Given the inundation of projects in the current NFT space, it has become imperative for newcomers to make sure that they can bring to the table something of value. Additionally, with the ever-increasing number of artists and companies that have launched and are planning to drop their collections, it’s not enough for an artwork’s quality to serve as the only selling point. This growing reality lies as the impetus behind numerous companies’ efforts to stand out, a feat that Zodiac NFT has managed to accomplish from the get-go.

The first-ever NFT project that not only features amazing art but also includes narratives and effects, this new astrology-themed collection intends to deliver an experience that leaves the spectators breathless. Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, the tokens play an integral role in lore that revolves around 12 Zodiac Kings who were sent forth to bring calm to a world that had rapidly fallen into chaos because of five pandemic plagues.

Tasked to hunt with men the scrolls that contain the key to humankind’s deliverance from darkness, the Zodiac Kings and Zodiac Soldiers are inviting all NFT enthusiasts to join them as warriors of the light this coming December during the launch of the Zodiac NFTs. 12 Doorkeepers, around 25 handcrafted Super Rares, and 9,324 computer randomized tokens will be up for grabs for those who are interested in a project that promises long-term benefits.

While there are also a handful of narrative-driven collections in today’s blockchains, Zodiac NFT has succeeded in distinguishing itself for its immaculately designed roadmap and the incredible direction that it will take in the future. In essence, a big chunk of the plans involved will be based around the MetaMuseum, a museum built on the Metaverse that will allow people to view and experience 3D art virtually. 

On minting day, Zodiac NFT owners will co-own the MetaMuseum and Auction House, both of which are intended to bring long-term revenue shares to the community. On top of this benefit, holders can also expect to be given early access to drops and collections.

Currently, Zodiac NFT is preparing for its explosive entry into the scene. At its helm is a dedicated team composed of go-getters who have worked on multiple successful launches. Together, they boast a long list of accomplishments outside the NFT space and an impressive arsenal of skills in art, technology, marketing, partnerships, customer service, storytelling, and more. Passionate about the craft, these purpose-driven individuals are excited to see their visions materialize in the months to come. 

Zodiac NFT, which is in its initial phase right now, takes pride in all it has in store for digital asset lovers. Its future plans include the opening of the Zodiac 3D Experience, partnerships with other projects, and the drop of a second collection. More notably, the team is also setting its eyes on opening a gallery in Las Vegas.

Learn more about Zodiac NFT by visiting its website, Twitter, and Instagram. More information about the project can also be found on its Discord server.