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Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra, the Camera Phone That Can Finally Dethrone Apple and Samsung?

While mobile phones were initially meant to help users communicate with friends and families, technology has allowed brands to elevate the devices and perform multiple tasks that were initially deemed impossible.

Modern times have seen people seek phones with improved cameras, and Apple has long been the leader in this sector. But there has been a shift in the industry as mid-range phones have been able to keep up with flagship features.

Xiaomi has been one of the brands making waves in recent years, and while it has always been behind other flagship models, the latest phone releases may indicate a tip in the scale.

Although Apple and Samsung still remain at the top of the food chain, their prices have prompted consumers to seek affordable devices with similar specs. Xiaomi managed to take advantage of the markets’ needs, creating devices that can satisfy their tech needs.

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This year, Xiaomi is releasing the Mi 12S Ultra, which will feature a 6.73-inch screen and OLED display. The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip. However, fans are anticipating its updated camera features.

While software has always been the highlight of cameras in phones, it’s hard to ignore the giant lens the Mi 12S Ultra offers. Compared to the multi-camera setup on most phones, it will feature a giant lens not unlike that of a DSLR camera, containing three of the phone’s cameras.

The lens is home to the 48 mp ultrawide camera, the 48 mp telephoto camera with 5x optical zoom, and the 50 mp main camera that contains a 1-inch sensor. The attention-grabbing lens was designed in collaboration with camera giants Leica.

The company shared that it split the cost to develop the 1-inch image sensor with gadget titans Sony. However, while Sony only used part of the sensor for the Sony Xperia Pro-I phone late last year, the Mi 12S Ultra will use the entire sensor.

The Mi 12S Ultra may be packing a revolutionary camera, but its other features also add to the phone’s value.

The upcoming model has a 4,860 mAh battery supported by 67W wired fast charging. It also has IP68 water and dust resistance. Additionally, the Mi 12S Ultra packs a 120Hz refresh rate display that is prevalent among flagship models. The phone is also tipped to be the first Android device to shoot in Dolby Vision HDR.

The phone comes in two variants: the 8GB of RAM and 256 $900 model and the 12GB of RAM and 512GB $1,050 model.

The Mi 12S Ultra is accompanied by two models that are more affordable –  the 12S and 12S Pro. Although smaller, the two phones still pack a 120Hz OLED display and the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip, pricing at $600 and $700, respectively.

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