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Xenon and 4SAND Industries Bring Home Test Kits to the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world immensely. During this unprecedented crisis, fear has crippled nations and economies as people have started sheltering in place to avoid virus contamination. In these harsh times, governments look to testing as the main countermeasure to fight COVID-19 outbreaks. In light of the new realities, companies Xenon and 4SAND Industries Corporation have worked together to create an innovative and convenient way to test for the coronavirus crisis from the safety of one’s home. 

As the world battles the coronavirus, one of the main weapons we have against the pandemic is mass testing. Most countries depend on swab tests, which can be expensive and uncomfortable. But a group of imagineers and innovators from 4SAND and Xenon have partnered together to create and introduce the world’s first in-home COVID-19 test kit.

4SAND Industries Corporation is a minority-owned company that believes in innovation and change. Max Forzan, the company’s chairman, is best known for his work in entertainment and music. The Beverly Hills-based entrepreneur has created a platform of inspiration through his career as an artist and entertainment guru. He owns and operates GEN TV, a TV channel that streams all over Africa, Europe, and Asia. But Max has another persona. He’s a trailblazer who looks to create solutions that make people’s lives better. 

As the COVID-19 crisis erupted, Max found a burden to address the worldwide issue in his way. Together with his team, they have introduced an in-home test kit that anyone can do in the comfort of their own homes. While swab tests turn in results within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, 4SAND and Xenon’s in-home test kit reveals results in eight minutes or less. 

The test works mainly by detecting antibodies in a person’s system to determine whether the body has reacted to the presence of coronavirus or not. This approach has started to grow in popularity in the medical testing field as it is reliable and highly accurate. Today, Xenon and 4SAND’s test kits have reached over twenty countries, including the United States, Canada, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Norway, India, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, and many others. The company saw a distribution of over a million test kits in its first week alone and looks to increase production to serve the greater need.

Through the test kits, Xenon and 4SAND hope to give people a chance at regaining the freedom to live again. Groups can use the test kits as a preventive measure for parties, events, and gatherings to give people the peace of mind knowing that everyone around them is COVID-19 free. Because the rapid test shows results in minutes, the kits can be used by walk-ins before huge gatherings, making it possible to jumpstart large events and social happenings once more.

Xenon currently holds rights as the exclusive distributor of the test kit that has boasted a 98.8 percent accuracy rate. The company hopes to play their part in saving lives, reviving economies, and bringing the world into the new and better normal. As a creative corporation, they look to continue developing and introducing technologies that will help make the world a better place.To check out and get access to the test kit, visit Xenon’s website.