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Wet for Her: The Revolutionary Brand That Champions Sexual Wellness for the LBTQ+ Community

In recent years, more people have recognized the importance of having a progressive community. As a result, several admirable movements that champion it have surfaced. Yet despite that, the reality remains that many aspects of society, especially in the business space, seem to remain fixed in their old-fashioned ways. One such example is the sex toy industry, wherein most enterprises only offer options for heterosexuals. Cognizant of this, one highly innovative brand advocates for inclusivity within the space – Wet For Her.

At the helm of the niche brand is the intuitive entrepreneur Alice Derock who saw that no other company made beautiful and well-functioning products for lesbians. Since its inception 12 years ago, the lesbian-owned online shop has risen to the top of the space and established itself as the leader in lesbian sex toys.

When asked what motivated her to create the company, the founder insightfully responded, “There was something missing in the market. I would go with my girlfriend to a sex shop at the time, and all we would find was porn-like packaging and not a toy to enhance our all-female lovemaking, so as a designer who was stuck in a management position, I decided to launch my own toy that I designed with a beautiful non-realistic toy.”

She went on to add, “In a heterosexual world, it is often thought that we, the LBTQ+ community, are missing something whilst lovemaking, which isn’t the case. We just wanted a way to enhance the pleasure a lesbian and LBTQ+ couple can have without feeling that they are missing something that a straight couple already has. That’s why we use bright and lovely colors and shapes that are pleasurable but not realistic. Lovemaking is a simultaneous experience and that is what we aim to achieve with our products.”

Aside from boldly pushing the boundaries of the sex toy industry, what makes Wet For Her stand out is its remarkable commitment to quality. All of its offerings are designed to be functional, pleasurable, and visually beautiful for lesbian, trans, and queer couples, down to the last detail. On top of that, it handles and oversees the design and manufacturing processes to guarantee that every item reflects the brand’s vision.

“We don’t go for mass-produced sex toys but instead chose to manufacture our own sex toys to be functional, pleasurable and aesthetically pleasing for the lesbian and trans couple. The standard sex toy has a more seedy look and packaging, whereas we are sleek and modern. Being a women-owned lesbian company, we understand the needs of our community,” the enterprise proudly shared.

Wet For Her has undoubtedly revolutionized how pleasure is being experienced. But more than that, the exceptional venture serves as an excellent platform that opens the much-needed discussion about sexual wellness for lesbian, trans, and queer people. Moving forward, the trailblazing brand intends to continue creating ingenious designs and high-quality products. Above all, it hopes to reach a wider audience and show the LBTQ+ community that they do not have to settle for generic toys available in the market today. 

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