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Voiceveray: Sharing Stories and Music Through Voices Choices Studios

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Music is considered to be a universal language, mainly because it goes beyond the limits of any race, culture, and even religion. It is more than just a way of expression; it also amplifies one’s thoughts and critical emotions like grief, joy, anger, and even fear. 

For Voiceveray, music is a way of expressing his praise and devotion to God. He found his mission by being a Gospel Musician, and he has been part of the music industry for years now.

Life was not always easy for Voiceveray. Something terrible and unexpected happened, which he considered as the lowest point in his life. He experienced this terrible bind when he got into a car accident way back in 2016. The misfortune resulted in him losing his car and his job. He had to look for another way to gain some income to make ends meet. 

Through this, he found his relationship with God. When he felt like he didn’t have anyone or anything to turn to, he turned to prayers. It helped him come to terms with his talents, which he considered as a calling from the higher being. 

The musician eventually grew into this connection and practiced repentance, fasting, worship, and many more spiritual breakthroughs that shaped him into the man he is today. He firmly believes that God has transformed him into an improved person. He became better after that and eventually started picking himself up. 

Voiceveray became a very versatile artist as he immersed himself in different genres of sound. He dedicated his time to making music and releasing some Christian songs in 2018. Later that year, he invested in a studio and became a CEO for his own company. 

2020 he further established Voices Choices Studios to gather and support musicians who are committed to glorifying and praising the highest God. It’s a way of sharing a person’s experiences, testimonies, and revelations through music. Everyone’s relationship with religion is personal, complex, and unique. Even those who are most at peace with themselves and their faith have carried a burden. And some already came out of the other side better. That’s what Voiceveray and his team hope to share with the world.

Voiceveray works as an Audio Engineer in his own company to extend his help in improving his client’s music. He continues publishing music that is available on all music streaming platforms at the same time. He is a verified musician on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

The firm, like the founder, does not limit to any genre of music and instead delivers premium quality Gospel Rap, R&B, Christian Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, and Alternative. They exclusively work with artists who offer Gospel, Christian, non-explicit, and non-secular music.

Clients can send their track stems through an email and have them mixed and mastered professionally. They can also purchase clothing merchandise to cater to the musician’s stylish needs. 

Voices Choices Studios focuses on taking clients’ career beyond measures and simultaneously influencing a million other audiences to be spiritually touched. 
More information is available on their website. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates. Check out his YouTube channel for the latest on Voiceveray.