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“Ventilator”: Deion Campbell’s First Deep Breath After COVID-19

Celebrated photographer Deion Campbell puts pen to paper and allows readers a look into his over 40-days battle with the virus that has been plaguing the world for several months now. Standing as a proud survivor, Deion’s book Ventilator is set for release on the author’s birthday, October 28, 2020.

Before contracting COVID-19 symptoms, Deion Campbell was on the rise. He was young, fit, and ready to immortalize the world today as an exceptional, professional photographer. His work had graced billboards, earned him a ticket into the most exclusive social circles, and made him an inspiration for aspiring photographers. 

Deion was on the rise until his health took a headfirst dive. In March of 2020, Deion Campbell began feeling under the weather. What was assumed to be a slight illness took a turn for the worst when the young photographer started being swallowed by the heat of a raging fever. 

Grappling and trying to stay in control of his senses, he struggled with the throes of the COVID-19 symptoms and the associated vomiting that came with it. As his condition remained unimproved, Deion was admitted into the hospital, where he received round-the-clock medical service as an in-patient showing signs of severe pneumonia.

With no family around due to the enforced health protocols and border restrictions, Deion was alone, sick, and under a ventilator. He spent twelve days under the device, doing his utmost best to breathe. 

Something so simple and natural suddenly seemed almost impossible. After nearly two weeks of the experience, Deion opened his eyes to a different world. With his eyes, he captured the world that he wanted to immortalize through writing.

Determined to tell his story and allow people to peek into the in-between brought by the jet setting virus, Deion Campbell wrote his latest book, Ventilator. “It’s about my experience with COVID-19,” he shares, “to raise awareness and provide information about the virus.”

As he started to recover, Deion realized his efforts in encouraging the public to take safety measures should not end there. Beyond the pages of his upcoming book, Deion Campbell owns the King Legend Talks Podcast on Spotify, where he expands his reach and inspires other people to follow their dreams and never give up.

“Life is too short. You only got one shot to make the very best of it,” Deion shares, taking from his personal experience. 

Although Deion Campbell emerged victorious in his fight against COVID-19, he was left wounded with nerve damage to his right arm, hindering him from picking up his camera. Making the best of his circumstances, he now uses his podcast as a platform for his brand.

“Leading by example has always been my thing. The birth of my brand comes from my ambition and drive to be the greatest of all time at whatever it is I do and to leave a legacy for the next generation to follow.”

On the King Legend Talks Podcast, Deion makes a survivor’s statement, revealing an amazing life after the ventilator. 

Stay updated on the release of Deion Campbell’s latest book, Ventilator, and gain insight into the survivor’s brutal battle against the coronavirus. Get to know the man behind the story by following Deion Campbell on his official Instagram account.