Uno Paper Boi: How His Authenticity in Music Inspires Youth

Music has been a lifeline to many people. It can instantly make them feel better and less alone. Songs have a way of making difficult situations less daunting. It can provide comfort because people are not alone in what they are feeling or going through. For artist Uno Paper Boi, music was more than a pastime. Music paved the way for him to make a name for himself.

Uno Paper Boi, born Rayvon Cystrunk, was raised in a poor community in California. As a young boy, he knew he wanted a better life. He shared, “I turned to skateboarding to keep my mind off all the negativity around me. I kept practicing and working to improve my skills. By the time I was 13, I was seeking sponsorship to get better training.” 

But life had other plans for him. He and his family moved to Atlanta, where Uno Paper Boi first developed an interest in music. The music culture in Atlanta opened his ears to the work of brilliant and talented artists and musicians. Their songs motivated and inspired him to create his own music as well. Over the years, his passion for music grew stronger. Today, Uno Paper Boi is a breakthrough artist in the Atlanta music scene. He has worked with a few up-and-coming hip-hop stars and producers.

He recently released his latest album, titled Thinkin Bout Money. Uno Paper Boi said, “I am really proud and excited about this project. I worked hard on this one, and I have songs with a few surprise stars in this album as well.” The artist’s previous album, Special Delivery, released last year, has been a massive success in the underground music scene. He hopes that Thinkin Bout Money will outperform his previous album.

Uno Paper Boi does not shy away from sharing the hardships he went through in the music he creates. What makes his songs resonate with his audience is the truth and authenticity that permeate with each lyric. “Sharing my truth is exactly why people love my songs,” the hip-hop artist shared, “My unique background and circumstances allowed me to share something different with my songs. I took all the pain I went through and changed it to something beautiful, something that can help other people who may be going through similar situations.”

Uno Paper Boi has expanded his career beyond music. He also put in the work to develop his acting career. “I got into acting about the same time I got interested in music,” he shared, “I think both music and acting are great ways to express myself as well as to let my audience feel all these different emotions. I love that both music and acting can get you right in the heart.”

This artist draws inspiration from his upbringing, bringing sincerity and authenticity into his music and acting. His past has pushed him to grow and to be greater. “The pain of growing up poor was my greatest motivation in making sure I never go back to that place. One day when I have children, I promised myself they would never go through the same hardships I had,” he said. Uno Paper Boi understands that having a difficult upbringing can hurt young people. “I want to become a pillar of my community and reach out to at-risk youth. I want to be living proof and hope that it is possible to follow your dreams. I want to give back to the less fortunate because I know what it feels like to want the world but not have much,” the artist said.

Music paved the way for Uno Paper Boi to live a better life. It took a lot of work and dedication, but he never gave up on his dreams. His experiences are laid bare in the songs he writes, giving youth in impoverished communities hope that they too can achieve their goals in life. 

Uno Paper Boi is a hip hop artist and actor. His latest album, Thinkin Bout Money, is now available on Apple and Spotify. For other updates about his work, you may check his Instagram page.

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