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Triumph Tissue Reimagines How People Access Toiletries and Beyond

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a panic ensued over essential products. One of the products that people started to hoard was tissue paper. Seeing an opportunity in the chaos, Zabain and Keisha Gibson came up with the idea for a revolutionary company. They call it Triumph Tissue.

The Gibsons’ innovative approach to a rather mundane product is one that they hope will disrupt the industry. Triumph Tissue merges everyday toiletries, starting with tissue paper, with a subscription-based model that puts a premium on the end consumer. The idea presents a seamless and straightforward solution to the way people think about toilet paper overall, assuring users that future shortages will no longer be a cause for panic.

When people started hoarding tissue products from supermarkets when the coronavirus crisis descended on the nation, most people were stuck with poor quality single-ply tissue or nothing when demands shot up. It was then that Zabain and Keisha realized a painful reality: large corporations do not always prioritize the health and happiness of the general population. This conclusion led them to conceptualize the birth of Triumph Tissue. “Disappointed by their unwillingness to pivot to effectively serve their customers during a time of extreme need, we were inspired to create a reliable, forward-thinking option people could trust to deliver excellence through thick and thin,” shares the couple on how the inspiration for Triumph Tissue came about.

At the core of its business model, Triumph Tissue offers people two benefits: convenience and luxury. Through their offering, the company aims to give people the ease and comfort that everyone deserves when it comes to access to essentials like toiletry products. The idea begins with a subscription-based model for tissue, but the vision doesn’t stop there. Moving forward, Triumph hopes to expand to more toiletry products that people clamored for when shortages came knocking on America’s doors.

The subscription also offers a level of luxury that brings nothing less than excellence to the bathroom experience for busy and hardworking professionals. With a generous three-ply roll of some of the sturdiest paper material, Triumph Tissue promises nothing but the best toilet paper products for people who value a premium experience.

Apart from seeking to expand their client base and product portfolio, the founders of Triumph Tissue hopes to spread the message that no one should get left behind, even in the middle of a worldwide crisis. Their message is one of inclusion and compassion. Through their non-profit efforts, the company looks to provide all Americans with access to clean and safe toiletry products. Triumph Tissue has committed a portion of its proceeds to a program that will help the unfortunate and provide toiletry products to members of the community who cannot access them.

Zabain and Keisha Gibson also hope that the birth of their entrepreneurial venture will inspire aspiring and existing business owners to pursue excellence in the services they provide. As a black couple, they also hope that their success will be a beacon to minorities who aspire to become entrepreneurs themselves.

To learn more about Triumph Tissue, visit their company website and LinkedIn page.