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Thomas Bryant to make his way to the Nuggets

Image Commercially Licensed from: DepositPhotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: DepositPhotos

Thomas BryantWhen the NBA trade deadline finally arrived, the Los Angeles Lakers made a startling transaction that broke the hearts of their supporters.

Thomas Bryant, one of the Lakers’ top players this season, was traded to the Denver Nuggets for Davon Reeds and second-round picks.

Online debate was sparked by the transfer since many people were disappointed to see Bryant go.

The news

Sportswriter Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that the Los Angeles Lakers will acquire three second-round picks as part of the deal.

The NBA giants combined the deal with several others that occurred across the league, like Orlando’s purchase of Patrick Beverley.

Instead, the Net will receive two second-round picks from the Net’s neighbors, the Clippers.

Davon Reed

As Davon Reed begins his fourth NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers will be his fourth squad.

The shooting guard Reed doesn’t play much on the court.

He has only played in 114 games in his career, 35 of them with the Denver Nuggets.

In comparison to his career 38.4% 3-point percentage, Davon Reed is shooting 36.4% this year.

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Thomas Byrant

After Anthony Davis’ injury, Thomas Bryant has shocked everyone this season by averaging 12.1 points per game.

Bryant has served as the Lakers’ a source of optimism throughout the current NBA season.

He has been gradually returning to his pre-injury form, giving the team the lift they have occasionally needed.

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In addition, Thomas Bryant has been hitting one of his three-point attempts each game and shooting 44% from outside the arc.

In his professional career, he has averaged the second-most rebounds while hitting the highest true shooting percentage on an individual record.

Despite his limited stay in Los Angeles, Thomas Bryant was able to win over both new and veteran players.

He will be most remembered for the iconic photo in which LeBron James broke the scoring record with him in the foreground.

Decision to trade

Despite being a force on offense for the Lakers, Thomas Bryant’s defensive shortcomings have occasionally lost the team games.

In this situation, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and the Lakers seem to have another reason for the decision.

The Lakers most certainly couldn’t afford to pay Bryant what he may make on the open market since he is entitled for a large contract increase in the off-season.

Instead, the Lakers decided to capitalize on Thomas Bryan’s great season thus far.

By moving him to a more advantageous position in the procedure, they are assisting him.

Given how frequently they have been used in trades this season, the Lakers are currently replenishing their draft assets.

What next?

Wenyen Gabriel will be given a spot in the squad as a result of Thomas Bryant’s departure, according to Dan Woike and Adrian Wojnarowski.

After Anthony Davis’ recovery, Gabriel had been dropped from the starting lineup.

Only three of the Lakers’ previous seven games have seen him so far, and one of those three outings was for only a few “garbage time” minutes.

In addition, the acquisition of Jarred Vanderbilt rendered Thomas Bryant unnecessary.

Vanderbilt was equally adept at rebounding as Bryant and was versatile enough to play either the four or the five.

With alternative options to replace him on the roster, the Lakers essentially cashed in on Thomas Bryant’s great individual season with this trade.

There is room for more participants in the group.

In the end, the Los Angeles Lakers made money by signing Thomas Bryant to a brief contract and then dealing him for two second-round picks.

The Lakers may use their additional draft picks, which are available now that the trade deadline has gone, to find more backup on the market.

Additionally, one of the roster spots is open.