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The Smile Concierge Club Combines Cosmetics and Dentistry to Bring People Their Winning Smiles

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Cosmetics are often health & beauty products people use for the face and body, mostly catering to the facial appearance. However, while most companies focus on creating products for outward appearance, they often leave out an important winner: the smile. Fortunately, Dr. Catherine Muldoon has come up with a solution for that through her brand Smile Concierge Club.

Before creating her brand, Catherine Muldoon was a former Miss USA and Miss Teen USA titleholder. She also studied dentistry in an Ivy League. During her pageantry experience, Catherine noticed that there was nothing in the market that offered her what she wanted in dentistry. She would fly to multiple cities and visit the top dentists in the world to get her teeth worked on. 

Catherine would go to different clinics and receive multiple consultations that she felt it was getting ridiculous. She wondered why she couldn’t just scan herself and email it to the dentist. The idea amused Catherine so much that she decided to make a kit. She then offered her kit to girls in Miss USA who didn’t have the time to travel to her. To make things more convenient, Catherine would travel to meet them. From there, she would create the Smile Concierge Club.

Smile Concierge Club is a dental office that offers top of the line cosmetics, dentistry that combines orthodontics and restoration, and convenience. Invisalign aligns teeth, but it leaves people yearning for more, since it does not address wear or color or size or shape that bonding or veneers do. It is also relatively expensive, driving people to go to direct-to-consumer aligner companies that aren’t really candidates for such a treatment. Others have been going to dentists and getting their healthy enamel shaved off their teeth to get veneers because they haven’t positioned them correctly, to begin with. Catherine believes that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

By utilizing digital smile design and clear aligners combined, the Smile Concierge Club can office the absolute best cosmetic dentistry that values the health of people’s teeth without cutting any corners, while also providing convenience.

The concierge company initially started offering their services to Miss USA titleholders to accommodate their busy traveling schedules. Over time, they evolved and managed to get an office space for their operations in New York. There is still a high demand for concierge services. The company needed a home base, so their first studio is opening despite the pandemic. However, they only see one person at a time. People can also ask for their services from the comfort of their homes.

However, they are not a direct-to-consumer company. Each client receives a completely comprehensive service designed and overseen by Dr. Catherine Muldoon. The Smile Concierge Club can access from anywhere utilizing teledentistry, making them the only company that resembles a DTC. They also have a high-end boutique oversight without cutting any corners and offering the best dental care. 

The Smile Concierge Club has significantly been successful in its run despite being a new company. However, Dr. Catherine Muldoon has set her sights on growing the company to become a multinational brand that offers high quality cosmetic dental care.

To learn more about Smile Concierge Club, you may visit their website.