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The Latest Addition to the NFT Community, Tropical Turtles Washes Ashore to Strive for Marine Life Conservation

Throughout the years, art has undergone many movements, evolving with the times. From the walls of deep caves to primed canvases, today’s art has taken to a new medium, shifting towards the digital movement. In the latest trend, people have developed Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs to give people the chance to boast ownership over some of the most unique works in the digital art community. Tropical Turtles is the latest addition to the NFT world, working towards the noble mission of saving turtles while giving holders something enjoyable.

While NFTs have been around the same time that cryptocurrency was born, it wasn’t until this year that they became more popular. Each token is created to revolve around specific themes, putting creativity above all else while being sold at incredibly affordable prices of Ethereums. Now, a new NFT is born every day, allowing artists to transition and move the art world forward. Initially an underground movement, NFTs have become part of mainstream art.

Tropical Turtles is one of the most recent tokens to join the community. Built on the foundation of preserving one of the most endangered species of marine life, Tropical Turtles celebrates the turtle through uniquely designed avatars while donating revenue to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The tokens are part of a collection of 1,500 randomly generated NFTs. 

Utilizing their creativity to appeal to audiences of all backgrounds, the Tropical Turtles are designed to be cute by digital artist, Eday. “He worked hard for all of them, and they turned out amazing, and the community loves them,” revealed the Tropical Turtles team. Each token is designed to be unique with a diverse set of bodies, hats, faces, and outfits. Tropical Turtles also makes plenty of pop culture references loved by all, from the hit comic series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to accessories with characters from Spongebob Squarepants and even the hit Japanese manga and anime series Naruto.

Released on September 28, 2021, Tropical Turtles have been growing steadily despite the limited number of tokens. Currently selling at a reasonable price of 0.035 Ethereum, Tropical Turtles is set to increase the price once the project starts to gain momentum. Additionally, the team behind the tokens will be recruiting more people to join their project and cause. 

Whereas other NFT brands are focused on generating income, Tropical Turtles strives to give back to the community. They have set up a roadmap to their journey with plans of doing multiple giveaways that include distributing 5 Ethereum and 10 Tropical Turtles and donating 10 Ethereum to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The team will also be expanding and advertising their project on multiple billboards across the cities in North America. 

The Tropical Turtles team has already taken the first step to their goal by giving away $10,000 to the Turtle Conservancy. They plan to make more donations upon reaching new milestones. Additionally, the team is set to launch another NFT called Tropical Otters soon, free to mint for Tropical Turtles holders.Learn more about Tropical Turtles by visiting their official website and Twitter. You can also get more updates by joining their Discord channel.