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The GO-GETTER Co. Lifestyle: Combining Style and Innovative Technology

No other rising company in the country today has successfully combined fashion and an innovative technology to create a lifestyle that is suited for go-getters – confident, enterprising, and achievers. This is what GO-GETTER Co. offers the modern-day millennials and those who thrive in a fast-paced life with its trackable wallets that are sophisticated-looking, easy to carry around, practical, and highly functional. 

GO-GETTER Co. was recently launched by its founder Mikiah Z. Azarcon, who spent countless hours perfecting the trackable wallet technology and design. The budding entrepreneur and Pepperdine University graduate intends to provide consumers with the option to let go of bulky fashion wallets that take so much space. The company’s trackable wallet’s design is uniquely developed to make life a lot easier for on-the-go users who thrive on mobility and hustling. 

“Empowered by the people through Kickstarter crowdfunding, our wallets set us apart by bringing you a trackable, expandable, RFID-secure, slim wallet with the thinnest tracker card EVER and stunning modern design. We are inspired by the dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves: the go-getters. Designing with our inspirations lifestyle in mind, our mission is to engineer and innovate useful products by fusing style and function in everything we create,” says the 22-year-old GO-GETTER Co. founder. 

Back in 2018 when GO-GETTER Co. was in the ideation stage, Mikiah Z. Azarcon laboured to juggle his time for school and working four jobs in order to raise funds to be able to raise a sufficient amount of capital to have prototypes developed. Back then, he decided to prepare a showcase to the Kickstarter community, hoping to get enough funding to further develop his idea. Two years later, after a sufficient amount of prototypes, Azarcon finally launched his GO Wallet on July 21, 2020. Interestingly, the product made $90k in sales in its first month.

GO-GETTER Co.’s wallet solves six common problems that include losing a wallet, having a bulky and inconvenient wallet, wallets wearing out over time, getting hacked through modern RFID-skimming and theft, not being able to fit your personal items, and outdated designs. The GO Wallet comes with a Bluetooth tracker card, known to be the thinnest in the world today. This extremely innovative feature allows the users to track their wallets whenever it goes out of range, get notified when the wallet gets separated from them, and ring it when it is within range but out of sight. 

By introducing his company to the world, Mikiah Z. Azarcon hopes to inspire other people with his challenging journey that resulted in the launching of GO-GETTER Co. He wishes to emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude when pursuing a dream, persevering even when times get tough, never giving up even when others lose their faith, and working even harder once the dream is fulfilled. Azarcon sees his company transforming into a multi-million dollar business in the next five years with an international market proudly using his product. He also envisions adding marketers, content creators, influencers, and customer service providers to his team as he prepares to take the company to the next level. 

Find out more about the GO-GETTER Co. by visiting its website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts to get updates. 

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