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The Dream Hunters Collection Launches 10,001 Young Dreamers to the NFT Space

Image Commercially Licensed
Image Commercially Licensed

Dreams are meant for everyone, but not all are empowered to chase after them. In a world where it’s easy to succumb to limiting beliefs, the Dream Hunters are shedding light by uplifting others and making them believe in the power of dreaming. 

The Dream Hunters NFT collection features 10,001 young dreamers. Each one is equipped with their own heroic traits and skills. The Dream Hunters only have one mission–chase after their dreams and unify people worldwide to build the strongest community in the NFT space. 

The Dream Hunters NFT reflects the optimism and spark among young dreamers who are eager to fulfill their dreams through its unique art. The dreamers depicted are committed to pursuing their aspirations and never let anything, or anyone stop them from reaching their goals as they stand by their vow to chase after their passions, work hard to find their purpose, and stay rooted in their dreams.

“The art symbolized the child within us,” explained Andrea Varriale, one of the founders. “We believe that no matter what the circumstances, where we are, and who we are, there is always a child within every one of us who believes in ‘that dream’ will eventually happen. We created the art with the goal of reminding all of us to keep the faith, dream big like when we were kids, and, at the same time, to encourage every kid in the world that every dream is valid and could be a reality.”

On top of amplifying its mission through its profound and captivating art, the Dream Hunters also aim to build a community to help and empower others to realize their dreams. The community wants to unify people from all walks of life worldwide so that members can freely share their dreams with other dreams. Members will also gain the support they need to go one step closer towards their goal through professional counseling, consulting, and many other morale-boosting efforts. As the community grows, Dream Hunters will be adding more industry experts and coaches to help its members further. 

In addition, the founders will encourage community members who share the same goals to form a clique with one accountability senior leader. Every member who reaches his or her goal will receive rewards and fun surprises from the community to encourage everyone within the circle to continually strive for their goals.

Furthermore, community members will also have exclusive access to future projects, such as The Dream Box. Holders will also enjoy monthly royalties, totaling 15% of the NFTs sold on secondary markets. With many exciting perks waiting ahead, eager investors are making their way to the project’s Discord server, especially after hearing news of the project’s epic cards and collectibles–the Dream Card, the Access Card, and the Wish Collectible, each designed with its own utilities and made to be owned by lucky and limited holders in the Dream Hunters Community. 

The founders are optimistic that the Dream Hunters NFT will not only make waves in the digital space but will cause a real and lasting impact on the physical world. By freely encouraging their community members to dream, the founders are fostering a better world where people feel more empowered to take giant leaps of faith. 

“To change the world, we must first change ourselves. In this community, we will work together to push our limits while respecting the fact that we are all humans after all,” said a representative from the Dream Hunters project.