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Steven La Fonte Remains a Favorite Among Top-Tier Clientele, Films Design Docu-Series

Catering to the top-tier members of society may be an ambitious pursuit. But Steven La Fonte has succeeded in satisfying the needs of the top 1% for over 20 years, producing furniture and interior design pieces with his creativity and unparalleled artistry. 

Steven La Fonte is a New York City native, growing among the best in the Big Apple and developing a refined taste for everything in design. The designer began his journey in the early 1990s, designing and manufacturing luxury draperies and beddings in Manhattan. Later on, refocusing his passion for fabrics and textures into a successful brand, La Fonte transferred his practice to South Florida in 1999.

Currently, Steven La Fonte is developing his signature custom furniture line. He is also introducing fabrics and wall treatments as part of his five-year timeline for the project. Furthermore, the designer is also filming a docu-series that highlights the behind-the-scenes and unique process of the high-end world of interior design. The series gives global audiences a glimpse of a life working with top-tier personalities and the authentic narrative of the interior design industry. 

Steven La Fonte is recognized for creating bespoke pieces for his upscale clients and consistently bringing their vision to reality. The designer amplifies the value of effective communication between the client, the designer, and the people behind the construction of a piece to deliver outstanding results. By listening intently to what his clients need, La Fonte has earned a reputation for being a trustworthy master of design across the country.

Over the years, Steven La Fonte’s pieces have graced the homes of celebrities and A-listers, who believe in his artistic eye and credibility today. A crowd favorite, La Fonte is often featured in prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest, Luxe Interiors + Design, The Robb Report, and Florida Design Magazine. The designer has single-handedly built a legacy in his field and thrives in modern times, even amid the presence of new designers, by showcasing timeless designs.

In a world where people are often compliant with trends, Steven La Fonte stands by the classics, proving that his designs are encompassing over many generations. Additionally, his background and experiences give him leverage in understanding the different materials, finishes, textures, and fixtures that go into a project. In turn, clients are confident that La Fonte will further enhance their space, establishing an environment worthy of social media attention and praise from the best of the best.

Besides residential properties, Steven La Fonte also caters to architects, developers, builders, and investors who need his expert eye to bring more character into their spaces. “It’s important to have a client that trusts you to be led through all stages of the projects,” said the designer. His understanding of his clients’ lifestyle gives the designer leverage to adapt to changes as the moment requires, implementing innovative solutions that will best address their needs. 

Asked to share a nugget of information for aspiring designers, Steven La Fonte said, “It’s important to have different ways of thinking and inspire. And speaking to a new generation of entrepreneurs: learn to be good listeners, focus on what others are saying, be direct, passionate, persistent, and ask for advice.”

To learn more about Steven La Fonte, visit his website and Instagram.