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Spotlight: Apple’s newest AirPod Pro 2022

The announcement of the AirPods Pro at the Apple event was one of three new devices showcased on September 7.

At the unveiling, Apple advertised the AirPods as the largest in the range to date.


The second generation AirPods Pro will be available for pre-order on September 9th and will hit stores on September 23rd.


Bob Borchers, vice president of global product marketing for Apple, shared his excitement with a statement:

“AirPods revolutionized the wireless category with an innovative design and incredible sound quality. With the new AirPods Pro, Apple raises the bar once again.”

“The new AirPods Pro deliver even better sound quality, a more immersive listening experience with Personalized Spatial Audio, and transformative audio features like Adaptive Transparency.”

“With up to double the noise-canceling power of their predecessor, the world’s bestselling wireless headphones just got even better.”

What the new AirPods bring

The new AirPods Pro comes with the new H2 chip for revolutionary audio performance.

The new chip offers significant improvements in active noise cancellation and transparency modes.

It also offers users a unique experience with more immersive spatial sound while on the go.

Users also have touch controls that allow for media playback and volume adjustment.

Some of the new AirPod Pro additions include increased battery life, an all-new charging case, and an extra tip size for a better fit.

Internal features

The new AirPod Pro features a lightweight and compact housing, powered by the H2 chip, offering a unique acoustic experience and double noise reduction.

It also comes with a new low-distortion audio driver and custom amplifier that delivers richer bass and crystal-clear sound across a range of frequencies.

The new AirPods offer comfort with an in-ear fit and an extra-small ear tip.

Despite the noise canceling feature, it comes with an adaptive transparency mode that keeps users connected and aware of the outside world.

With the H2 chip, users also benefit from on-device processing that reduces loud ambient noise for comfortable everyday listening.

Users also no longer need to turn to their devices to change their volume as touch controls.

They can talk to Siri or slide the stem slightly for quick volume adjustments.

External features

The AirPods Pro offer 1.5 hours more listening pleasure than the previous model.

The case also includes four additional credits, giving users a total of 30 hours of listening time.

Users have more flexibility for their travels because the AirPod Pro charger allows the use of a MagSafe charger, Qi-certified charging cradle, or Lightning cable.

The charging case is also sweat and water resistant, with a grommet to make it reachable.

It has a precision search that allows U1-compatible iPhones to find the charging case, equipped with a higher pitched built-in speaker for easier searching.

AirPod Pro users can also personalize the charging case with their own personalized Memoji.


Apple announces the next generation of AirPods Pro