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Sheree Wright: Upholding a Heart-Led Practice In the Legal Field

While there are currently many lawyers across the country, Sheree Wright, Esq. is one of a few with a genuine heart to help other people. She specializes in immigration, business strategy, family law, employment law, sports law, and entertainment law. Sheree has uplifted countless individuals to live better lives through her efficient legal services. 

Sheree Wright is a founding member of IBF Law Group. The firm is immensely focused on explicitly helping families settle their legal cases. They are also recognized for delivering positive results for immigration-related issues. IBF Law Group, is deemed a leader in the industry. As Sheree said, the firm prides itself on serving clients with their hearts.

IBF Law Group stands out because of its results-driven approach in handling cases. As Sheree said, the secret to their firm’s success is its legal practitioners’ ability to listen to their clients and effectively address their concerns. “Persistence is key, and we have always displayed that crucial skill,” she explained. 

Sheree Wright was inspired to build a people-centric firm because she wanted to fill that void in today’s legal landscape and give practitioners the freedom to think outside the box, even in a seemingly rigid corporate setting. “When you work in a big corporation, it’s not only hard to think outside the box, it’s actively frowned upon. So I knew I’d never be comfortable working in that kind of environment. I do my best work when I feel free,” said Sheree. She aims for nothing more than for others in the profession to have the same freedom.

Even before building IBF Law Firm, Sheree Wright has unconditionally served people in need. During her undergraduate career, she was an investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in downtown Chicago. Sheree focused on various cases in Fortune 500 companies that dealt with employment discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, and disabilities.

Sheree Wright was not one to wait to have large funds to help others. Even as a student, she wholeheartedly participated in worthy causes. The Wright Way Foundation addressed areas on financial development for underserved youths by equipping them with practical knowledge and the right opportunities to gain hands-on experience. The foundation has contributed significantly to communities in Jamaica, primarily through its social and educational outreach programs. They have also partnered with local orphanages and educational institutions to further reach those in need of assistance.

Asked what keeps her going, Sheree Wright said that going home every day with the feeling that she’s done a bit of good in the world keeps her motivated. “I want my future children to grow up seeing a better world,” she said. And so, Sheree actively shapes a better future by helping other people lead better lives and have the power to make more conscious choices. 

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