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Sabathil Reclaims Hip-Hop Music and Introduces Subtle, Meaningful Songwriting

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Independent artist Sabathil, born Melvin G. Acquaah, is publicly recommitting himself to deliver an alternative message using hip-hop music as a medium. By breaking the mold on artists in this particular genre, Sabathil encourages his audience to take risks as an essential part of attaining success.

According to Sabathil, the themes explored by hip-hop artists over the past few years have become robotic and repetitive. This glorification of the banal pushed Sabathil towards the goal of transforming the genre. Although the artist has been writing music for almost 15 years, he feels that there is a renewed necessity for his role in the industry.

Throughout his career, Sabathil has remained focused on delivering the message of Black history and culture. Recent events in the United States and across the globe, of course, have served to reiterate the relevance of these social issues. It is also Sabathil’s goal to capture his audience’s attention and help them become more conscious.

What differentiates Sabathil is the subtlety of his approach. By choosing to take a subliminal route, the hip-hop artist places confidence and promotes proactivity among his listeners. He is sure that his audience can understand and enjoy the message of his music, even if it does not spell out society’s responsibility to the Black community.

The independent hip-hop artist returns to familial tales when retelling how he started on a journey as a musician. Sabathil cites his late older brother as his primary motivation, with the artist adding that “[my brother] gave me the power and the energy to push myself and to be the person I am today.”

Through personal background and experience, Sabathil learned about waiting for the right timing. He admits that there are moments when he felt like he was wasting valuable time and energy. However, Sabathil knows of the importance of trusting the process; trusting the process requires setting oneself free from the illusory confines of time.     

Sabathil’s latest single, “Like Me,” showcases both his technical abilities and artistic tendencies. The song’s tempo is a slow groove that takes listeners back to old-school hip-hop. However, the use of ambient sounds suggests that Sabathil has kept up with the latest music trends. Combining this wide range of influences and styles produces a harmonious sound reminiscent of modern trap with low subterranean bass.

Beyond all that, Sabathil is first and foremost a songwriter and lyricist. His audience looks to him for authentic hip-hop that prioritizes meaningful lyrics. To create his songs, Sabathil maintains the appropriate mindset. A vital part of this mindset is the artist’s conviction that he is free. Personal challenges, circumstances, and even systemic injustice may affect a person’s progress, but Sabathil believes that one’s future is ultimately in their own hands.

Sabathil has a vision of one day creating his own empire. For now, he is laying the foundation by taking his music to the next level. The artist has his eyes set on exploring film as his next venture, further enlarging his mark on the entertainment industry.

You can listen to Sabathil’s latest tracks on Apple Music. You can also follow him on Instagram to learn more.