Saad Suleman Starts a World-Renown Management Consulting Firm

Running a billion-dollar merger deal can be a messy job. With all the paperwork, agreements, and negotiations, any average consultant will quickly back down. But for Saad Suleman, a leading management consultant and CEO of the Suleman Group Inc., the task is nothing more than a day’s work. 

Saad Suleman is the chairman and founder of Suleman Group Inc. The company was initially established in October 2019 as a clothing line but was re-established as a management consulting and investment management company in January 2020. 

The Suleman Group Inc. is an up-and-coming management consultancy firm that has made tremendous waves in the business sector since its beginning. In a short amount of time, the young yet proactive firm has led the charge in various high-level projects and earned the trust and respect of giant corporations in multiple industries. At the helm of the breakthrough organization is Saad Suleman, a young entrepreneur who rose above poverty to become one of the management world’s most promising rising stars. 

Saad created a dent in the industry after consulting for Gregory Warren of GWW Construction on various development stages of high-rise real estate investments, investor mediation, and other various business activities. GWW Construction has now become a $36 billion real estate development company through the business mogul’s advisory leading. 

The agency also helped company executive Hershel Wasung build a $5 million valuation company. Working with Hershel brought great pride and accolades to the Suleman Group Inc. team. Through their efforts, Wasung’s company regained control of global diamond mining operations that slipped through the cracks and helped them gain access to close to forty percent of oil-dripping equipment exports in the Americas. Suleman Group Inc. also facilitated conversations between Hershel and Robinson Bernardes Da Costa of Business Synergy Advisory on building a partnership to create a network of worldwide mining and drilling equipment distribution channels. Through collaboration efforts managed by Saad and his company, the partnership has become a massive success.

Another of Saad’s more notable consulting projects was the development of The Edge on Brickell by the Brick Group, which involved brokering a $50 million property and developing a waterfront high-rise project that totaled into a pot of $400 million in real estate construction. Saad also partnered with Black Legend Capital for worldwide investor relations, mining, and farming operations.

Suleman Group Inc. continues to provide unmatched coordination and management services to various large corporations and projects. The company’s experience in sales, business development, telecommunication, project management, engineering, construction, and information technology makes it a great asset to any organization looking for an outsider’s perspective on high-risk, high-reward projects.

Saad Suleman is a specialist in various business activities, including process analysis, project management, product management, entrepreneurship, data analytics, IT management, and executive sales leadership. He specializes in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling the project and closing.

To learn more about Saad Suleman and The Suleman Group Inc., visit Saad’s LinkedIn profile and Facebook page.

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