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Rogue World and Jedari Technologies Is a Collaborative Force Shaping Business and Innovation

Jedari Technologies
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Rogue World, a visionary force under the leadership of CEO Dusky Rogue, has accomplished a landmark achievement with the acquisition of an equity position in Jedari Technologies, an innovative tech firm headquartered in the thriving enclave of Silicon Slopes in Utah.

This not only symbolizes a union of technological prowess but also bolsters Jedari Technologies with newfound valuation heights, now soaring to an impressive $100 million. The investment by Rogue World solidifies Jedari as a key player in the ever-evolving landscape of digital community empowerment.

At the epicenter of Jedari’s influence is its revolutionary community-building platform. This cutting-edge solution is tailored to empower community leaders, providing them with a white-labeled toolkit to transform their online communities into dynamic assets that drive growth, engagement, and revenue.

Jedari’s current suite of products, meticulously curated for online coaching businesses, is already replete with an array of native features. These include capabilities such as live streaming video, direct messaging, customizable groups, goal tracking, built-in referral programs, and an assortment of additional functionalities that elevate the process of community building.

In a bold stride set to resonate throughout the music industry, Jedari is on the brink of unveiling its latest vertical – Super Fan Clubs for Musicians. This innovative offering extends the platform’s core features to musicians, enabling them to host their own streaming services and showcase music & music videos. Departing from the norm of paltry fractions earned through conventional streaming, Jedari empowers musicians to set their music streaming prices, granting them the lion’s share of generated revenue.

CEO Greg W Anderson envisions Jedari Technologies as a comprehensive solution for community leaders, affirming, “You bring the content and the users, and we handle the technology.” The partnership with Rogue World not only enhances this vision but also propels the potential of Jedari into exciting new realms.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the investment by Rogue World fortifies Jedari Technologies as an instrumental player in revolutionizing how online communities are nurtured and how revenue is reimagined. The synergy between Rogue World and Jedari signals a bright future for the digital ecosystem.

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