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Rising Music Artist Amanda Marie Wilkinson to Launch New Single

Up-and-coming music artist Amanda Marie Wilkinson is poised to overwhelm the music industry with the upcoming release of her single ‘Spiritual Level’. The Houston, Texas native is spreading her wings in the entertainment industry from film to television and the upcoming launching of her music career. With a lot of positivity, determination, and an inspiring past that fuels her passion for thriving under pressure, Amanda is expected to spark hope and motivation from many music enthusiasts. 

Amanda Marie Wilkinson draws inspiration from her very uncommon and life-altering past. She got involved in a life-threatening accident when she was very young and almost ended up dead. She broke her back, pelvis, and femur, requiring her to go through surgery and an excruciating physical therapy thereafter. She was fortunate to have made it in a wheelchair after a series of therapies and, with a lot of hard work and determination, eventually returned to walking again. 

Despite her significant physical progress after the accident, Amanda Marie Wilkinson lacked the emotional, moral, and financial support she badly needed as her mother was sick at that time. Unfortunately, she eventually passed away, leaving her daughter with no other family members to take care of her. As Amanda grew up in a very poor home setting, it was the different families in the community that supported her after her mother’s demise. She drew strength from the family who opened their door to give her a new home, became her caregivers and source of support. 

“No matter what can happen to shake up your day, knowing you have literally survived worse, brings so much more ease and peace. Everything else is irrelevant. I have been strengthened in areas I otherwise wouldn’t know of myself before. Those areas are magnified today. Each day is another day of growth. It is how we are able to grow together and that makes it all worthwhile. In all that I do, I give it my all. I lift others and walk with them as I continue on this journey. It is the very least I can do,” Amanda reveals. 

Amanda Marie Wilkinson found writing to be a source of inner healing and an effective creative outlet. As she continued to carve out a path for herself in theater, music, even in business, she found music to be her life’s greatest passion and the most effective platform for her to share her inspiring message to encourage others to keep on fighting regardless of how difficult life may get. 

“I pay attention to what brings a smile to my morning as I wake and what keeps it there all the way to the end of my day. When you are in tune with your core, in all that you do, it will be your all, you at your very best! That is what others will receive of you. That is what you have to walk away knowing and proud of. Authenticity will always be your greatest advantage. Not one of us is the same. There is no competition. There is collaboration and also how we can compliment another,” Amanda adds. 

As Amanda Marie Wilkinson readies herself for the music industry, she only sees herself living more passionately as the years progress. No matter what the outcome may be, she is prepared to do what it takes to reach out to as many people as she can so they, too, can be inspired to press on and never give up. 

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