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Promising Collection The Geisha Tea House NFT Takes Inspiration From Japanese Culture but Adds a Modern Twist

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Geishas are a crucial part of Japan’s history and culture. These female performing artists and entertainers are considered a symbol of hospitality, beauty, and elegance as they cater to an affluent clientele. As such, the emerging NFT project The Geisha Tea House has decided to base its upcoming collection on these remarkable individuals.

Despite having traditional geishas as its primary inspiration, the venture has added its own spin and modern twist to the project. It has a highly captivating lore set in Kyoto, Japan, in 2050 after a worldwide cyberattack has erased humanity. 

However, the cyborg geisha Mineka and a handful of young Maiko had survived in the well-hidden and fortified Akirelu Okiya. From five survivors, the geishas proliferated to a total of 10,000.

In turn, these exclusive digital geishas form The Geisha Tea House NFT collection. The collection was founded by Regal Star, Akil Wade, and Lukas Novotny. Each unique Geisha will have a unique combination of traits such as kimonos, houses, lips, hands, swords, masks, eyes, and pipes.

When asked what makes the collection stand out from its peers, the developers shared the benefits that come with each token. They said, “Based on the actual Japanese tradition, where Geisha represented a symbol of wealth and closed community, GTH NFT is bringing its collectible NFT with utility, giving holders access to communicate and engage with business leaders, entrepreneurs, by hosting monthly keynote speakers. With Launchpad features, ready to launch another VR event-related project (to be announced before GTH mint). The project also gives holders access to NFT/Business Incubator.”

As a testament to its dedication to providing countless benefits to creating a solid community, holding a Geisha token also doubles as a membership card which provides access to member-only events and hangouts. On top of that, upon activation of its Roadmap 2.0, holders will be able to stake their Geisha and receive a native token to its Tea House Ecosystem, which will be built in Decentraland.

Furthermore, it has effectively outlined future developments on its website. One of the exciting perks that token holders look forward to is the release of The Rare Store, where tangible collector’s items are sold. In addition, it offers Discord channels with holders-only access.

Aside from that, the venture is determined to become a blue-chip NFT, which is why a liquidity pool will be set up. Meaning, part of the mint proceeds and sales commissions will be used to buy the floor. These purchased Geishas will then be entered into promotions and marketing.

As it stands, The Geisha Tea House NFT is an excellent project that prioritizes the experience of its holders. As a result, NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts are looking forward to the much-awaited release of the collection.

As posted on the venture’s Discord server, whitelisted accounts can mint tokens on Dec 17 for 0.0777 ETH. On the other hand, the public sale will begin on Dec 18, and each token will cost 0.0888 ETH.

To know more about The Geisha Tea House NFT, check out its official website and Twitter. You can also join the community discussions through its dedicated Discord server.