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Pottstown’s FSG Rell Fully Traversing the Art World through Music and Writing

Photo by D1gitalvisions

When talking about being a multifaceted artist, FSG Rell, born Tyrell Barr, is a noteworthy mention. He has embodied art in its full form by excelling at both music and writing. Born on the 21st of May 1998, FSG Rell is an African-American hip-hop recording artist and author best known for his hit song, “Gucci Prada Fendi.” With five full albums and two EPs to his name, Tyrell Barr has, over the years, released music that his fans can relate to no matter what they are going through. “My music is that it can take you high or low whether you’re in the mood to be hype or if you’re in the mood to let your feelings flow. My music has real-life pain in it, so no matter what your struggle is, you can relate,” he says.

FSG Rell is the author of “48 Weeks,” a critically acclaimed book that covers romance, music, street life, and the hardships of street life. In the book, which was released in 2019, FSG Rell tried to paint pictures of what growing and coming up has been like for him. For a career that started in 2016, FSG Tyrell has done a lot of work, and he remains laser-focused on his goals to reach the top.

His first single, “Checklist,” which signaled the start of his career, was released in 2016, and he followed the release with “FMB” in 2017. He released “No Lookin’ Back” in 2017, followed by “Nightmare on Elm Street” with TakeRisk Mugga. His next project dropped in 2018, and it was titled “High School Debut,” which galvanized his city and housed the smash hit, “Gucci Prada Fendi.” In the same 2018, he released “As Promised,” and in 2019, the project he considers to be his first album was released, and it was titled “Ambition over Fear.” After that album, he has released “Lil Schwenko” (2019) and “More Than A Rapper (2020).”

FSG Rell has not worked alone since his music career kicked off four years ago. He has worked with artists like K-Shine, Ahna Mac, Richie Wess, Leaf Ward, SG Tip, Mecca, Frank Wit Da Grippaz, and Royal of OVO. He has also featured in media outlets and publications like Substream Magazine, The Source, Music Talkers, The New York Weekly, Hip Hop Since 1987, Say Cheese TV, Vevo, KollegeKidd, DJ Smallz Eyes, and others.

FSG Rell creates music while drawing influence from his background. He takes pride in coming from a small city, and that reflects in the open-mindedness and calmness that his music brings to his audience. He decided to go into music full-time because of his love for the art. “I use music for comfort. My friends have a passion for music, and so from there, everything happened naturally, and now we’re executing,” he says.

His five-year goal is to be on the cover of Forbes Magazine and have 15 tracks on the Hot 100 songs. He is also considering acting and working with Drake. FSG Rell has come a long way, and he always wants to remind his fans and audience that anything is possible if they set their hearts to it. “A hometown hero can break barriers. Even if they don’t make it far, they can make a path to where somebody else from your city can take your momentum and run with it,” he says.

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