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Paragons Occupy the NFT Market with Their Avant-Garde 3D-Generated NFTs

NFTs or non-fungible tokens have outpaced many digital phenomena in just one year. Nifties, as most people call them, are basically distinct units of data that can come in the form of videos, images, songs, and so much more. Technology is utilized to tokenize all of these NFTs, and they are stored in a blockchain, a digital ledger where records and proofs of ownership are securely stored. Ever since stirring up the digital market, many brands have joined the digital revolution, including the one and only, Paragon collection. 

The Paragons NFT will have its pre-sale on January 28, and its public sale will be on January 29. The collection will feature 3D-generated, ethereal art pieces that incorporate over 250 unique attributes designed by the artist, SpaceRenders. Every Paragons NFT is graciously designed to connect the modern world and the brand’s Paraverse – an in-browser 3D world that they are building for their NFT holders to communicate in and do various activities. Aside from the distinct structure of these beautifully-made NFTs, Paragons will display a wide range of mystical characteristics, including but not limited to crypto-themed jewelry, Saturn rings, a tease of philosophy, and some looks that are inspired by some of the renowned and celebrated artists of all time. Like most NFT’s, each Paragon will highly differ from the other. While some Paragons will be worth more depending on the features and properties that speak most to the public, benefits are obtainable for every Paragon NFT.

“Our project is aimed at all collectors of NFT’s, especially those interested in 3D-generated artwork that is metaverse-ready as well as those seeking projects with long-term utility and tokenomics,” the developers shared. True enough, NFT holders will be obtaining more than just a wonderfully created piece of digital art; they will also become part of a community that is pivoted around an immersive experience that will allow NFT holders to trade or simply hang out with each other in the ever-evolving Paraverse. With Paraverse’s token-fueled economy, the possibilities for growth amongst Paragon NFT collectors are definitely endless. 

The Paragons collection is made up of 9,424 unique 3D-generated NFTs ready to be minted. Although mint prices are yet to be announced, the developers have already established that the project is centered around the Paraverse. By owning at least one Paragons NFT, holders will be granted exclusive access within the browser where they are free to explore. In addition, NFT holders who have access to the Paraverse will be granted the ability to earn the project’s ERC-20 tokens through play-to-earn mechanics where they can stake Paragons to earn massive income, obtain additional NFT drops, and the chance to mint future NFTs through the resources and tokens they earn. 

Paragons is focused on being a community-driven project where holders will have access to a community vault and DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that holders are a part of. Additionally, the team will continuously add value into the Paraverse and future drops, functionality for resources, and Tokens in the course of time.

To learn more about Paragons NFT, check out their website.