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OCG&E Delivering High Quality Gift Items

For many people and groups, gifts are an important part of expressing gratitude and appreciation. They help bring families closer together, and company staff feel more appreciated. Omega Custom Graphics and Embroidery (OCG&E) stands by its commitment to bringing thoughts and emotions to life through their specialized gift items. 

The Fort Knox-based gift manufacturing company has become one of the most reliable gift suppliers for individuals and companies. OCG&E provides clients with a wide selection of handmade items, including T-shirts, mugs, can holders, fans, flip flops, mouse pads, hoodies, plates, embroidery, and many other products. Its tagline reads, “If you can think it, we can ink it!” Committing fully to that promise, OCG&E has developed a deep portfolio of the perfect customized gifts that are sure to wow both customers and their recipients alike.

The heart and soul of the gift creation company is its founder and owner, Marrianna “Annie” Varnadore. For Annie, gifts go beyond simple compliance to tradition. They’re a form of expression of one’s gratitude and appreciation for others. With that in mind, the entrepreneur believes that gifts should be made with love. Accordingly, her goal is to provide the best quality products without sacrificing the care and detail that only the handmade experience gives. 

Another of Annie’s commitments through her small business venture is to provide meaningful employment. At OCG&E, employee happiness is of vital importance. Even as the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, Annie committed to retaining all her staff and performed zero layoffs during the economic downturn. 

Through her business, Annie hopes to enrich the local community. She is quick to partner with smaller enterprises that show promise but lack market access. Through her company, Annie acts as a drop shipping company that provides access points to a steady base of clients and takes care of shipping and logistics. Moreover, she hopes to help the community of military spouses in the Fort Knox area. Many military families fly in and out of Kentucky all the time, making access to employment hard for spouses of army personnel, given the volatility of their residency. But Annie doesn’t see this as an issue. “I just want to help out,” shares the employer. OCG&E has employed many military spouses to keep them productive and provide them with a sense of community.

At OCG&E, the goal is to deliver great memories by providing high-quality gift items that stand the test of time. The company also commits itself to provide the best customer experience possible. Team members provide professional and reliable services and always deliver on time. An order of ten hand-manufactured bags or garments takes no more than two days to complete. Even intricate quilts, which are made from loved ones’ T-shirts and clothing items to make treasured heirlooms, take no more than ten business days to fulfill.

This speed is due to Annie’s proven systems and foolproof staff training that ensures nothing but quality in the shortest time possible. At one point, OCG&E completed over 6,000 masks in a record time of ten weeks.

Through OCG&E, Annie Varnadore hopes to enrich more lives through meaningful gifts and valuable service. Through her business, she hopes to bring pride and promise to Fort Knox, Kentucky, and its local community.

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