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Non Fungible Solutions Provides All Around Features for NFT Enthusiasts Along With Its Own Collection

The early success of Non-Fungible Tokens in 2021 created a massive wave in the digital space that continues to be felt a year later. With more enticing NFT projects emerging daily, it can be difficult for crypto and NFT enthusiasts to decide which project to invest in, especially since each project offers something unique. While the perks are reason enough for anyone to join an NFT community, the rarity of an NFT piece is what many investors are after. 

While the randomized minting is part of the thrill, there are some investors who will do everything they can to catch the rarest NFTs, often minting more than one token. However, one company has found a way to simplify the process, revolutionizing the NFT experience for years to come. Non Fungible Solutions is a Chrome extension that was designed to enhance investors’ Web3 buying and selling experience. 

Google Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into the cross-platform web browser and can change its functionality, allowing users to perform tasks easier. From memory usage to password management, Non Fungible Solutions is an extension that allows members to access features and tools that can help them in their NFT journey.

“We help shoppers catch rare deals, skip all buying steps, smart portfolio tracking, detect new drops, learn about the space, and more,” said the founders of the project.

Non Fungible Solutions has many features that are set to revolutionize the NFT industry. Among its strongest features is its NFT Sniper, which allows users to filter the price, traits, rarity, and more, helping them catch the rarest snipes for the best prices. They can also mint tokens directly from the smart contract, giving them an edge on drop days. Non Fungible Solutions also added Rarity ranking to OpenSea+, giving them access to directly check the rarity without going to the site.

NFT enthusiasts using the extension will also get updates on NFT sites, notifying them when a drop occurs. Non Fungible Solutions also has a portfolio checking feature that takes the basic floor price and tracks the lowest price for its rarest trait.

While the features may seem too good to be true, the Non Fungible Solutions extension guarantees users that it is safe to use. When it comes to the security of the MetaMask wallet, a malicious code will be unable to make a transaction without the user’s confirmation on the MetaMask popup window. In addition, the Non Fungible Solution extension never directly extracts money from the user’s wallet without their interaction. Users will also have the option to play it safe by using the extension in an isolated Chrome profile that doesn’t have MetaMask installed.

The extension also has a collection of 2,500 NFT sold at 0.39 ETH. The tokens will give holders lifetime access to their features and future products. The initial NFT launch will be followed by monthly releases along the line. 

“We are always looking for ways to get our users exclusive access to other projects in the NFT world,” said the Non Fungible Solutions team. “Whether it’s a whitelist spot or a free month on an Alpha group, we always have something extra in store for members every month.”