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NFT Community Third Eye Apes Showcases Remarkable Hand-Drawn Characters

The artistry of the characters is often one of the most anticipated features of any non-fungible token (NFT). The more detailed, rare, and skilfully crafted they are, the better. When it comes to this very important feature, the Third Eye Apes NFT community did not disappoint with its completely hand-drawn apes, with over 10,000 tokens available for minting when it launched publicly last Jan. 12, 2022. Not only do the apes showcase the impressive works of artist Deion’dre Deveaux, they also carry a distinction that makes them unforgettable. 

For one, the apes all have a third eye, a feature that everyone will certainly remember and pursue to be part of their personal collection. Any avid digital art collector would automatically see that the characters in the community are anything but common. Dubbed as the wisest and most perceptive apes in the metaverse today, the apes come with a lot of value and potential. During the pre-sale phase, each token was sold for 0.1 ETH. The value went up to 0.2 ETH during the public sale the following day. 

“Third Eye Apes is an entity that goes beyond that of a simple profile picture. The collection of unique and collectible art pieces are just the token of a community based upon spiritual principles,” shared the community creators. “Holding a Third Eye Ape grants you access to a group that is dedicated to furthering the Web3 space and giving back to our supporters. We have an extensive roadmap that we are very proud to execute on and allow our community to be a part of a project that will make a change in the world for a very long time to come,” they added. 

The apes are randomly generated, combining more than 150 traits that create special characters, including rare ones. The apes possess engaging and unique skins, facial expressions, jewelry, eyes, hair, headwear, and clothing, to mention a few. There are apes with a droopy look, apes with smirks, open-mouthed apes, bored apes, and indifferent apes. The facial expressions, if anything, are unlike anything ever seen in the metaverse before, which are mostly adorable little token characters with wide smiles. 

Token holders are up for quite a journey within the Third Eye Apes community. They can stake their apes for a native token, one that can be used in a variety of ways, including breeding. Land ownership is also something that holders can look forward to. Holders own 33%, staked off from the rarity of their apes. The lucky holder who possesses the ape with rarity #1 will receive 7% of the total allotment. This puts the ownership of holders at 40%.

Committed to seeing its members enjoy financial freedom, Third Eye Apes will provide its holders with the ability to finance e-commerce stores by simply staking their apes. Additionally, there will be giveaways where the prize will be e-commerce stores to randomly selected Apes. In the long run, the holders will see discussions on community revenue opportunities that will benefit everyone. 

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