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NFT Community Space Warriors Club Brings an Epic Battle to the Metaverse

Gigantic robotic Space Warriors are making their way to the metaverse to engage in one of the most epic battles the blockchain has ever witnessed – the battle for survival against sinister enemies. Very soon, the non-fungible token (NFT) community Space Warriors Club will bring its 7,777 Space Warriors in the metaverse, which will feature five distinct factions showcasing robots of various abilities, colors, and variations courtesy of seven of the most gifted digital artists in the industry today. 

Joining forces to create the Space Warriors are a team of designers led by 3D artist Ilan Fitoussi, who has worked alongside some of the country’s biggest and coolest movie and gaming studios. Throughout the course of his colorful career, he has also worked with Disney for the new Lion King film, Ubisoft for the Tom Clancy game, and several other impressive brands that include Rolex and Cartier, among others. 

Creating the Space Warriors characters went through a two-step process. The first design was created in Maya to ensure that the turnout would be movie-like. The design is then exported to Unreal Engine 5 so that they are rendered in real-time. Doing this process makes the characters gaming and virtual reality (VR) ready, making future directions easier to execute. 

The Space Warriors Club is composed of five factions, former enemies driven by their appetite for domination, power, and honor, but finally united by a common enemy known as the Strangers. The Strangers emerge to bring destruction and annihilation, forcing the factions to work together in order to protect the galaxy. An epic battle ensues to ensure the survival of the sentient robotic warriors. 

The Royons are known as superior and majestic with a 10% rarity. There are only 777 of them during minting. Known as the noble faction, these robots bring the light wherever they go. Their rank in society is determined by the halo they have above their heads and are known to fight with their intelligence and not their fists. As the finest strategists and leaders in the galaxy, they are expected to lead the war against the Strangers. 

The Flashars are the fastest warriors, possessing extreme agility and speed distinct only to their faction. Legend has it that they can move at the speed of light. The An’hek, on the other hand, are warriors of great strength and endurance and are known to have no equal among the other faction members. Their tenacity and durability were developed during the times they spent wandering in the wilderness. 

The fourth faction, the Fedelions, is known to be motivated by discipline and respect. The faction, for generations, has been working on perfecting its techniques in combat. They are guided by the code of fighting to the death, and honor is everything. The fifth faction, the Oblivions, are masters in the art of stealth and driven by discretion. They are best known for their deadly one-shot accuracy, making them one of the most feared beings in the galaxy. 

Space Warriors Club will also launch its game DAO and gives mint owners the opportunity to shape the game from point A to Z. “Warriors will have the right to participate in the decision-making process of creating the game,” shared the Space Warriors Club spokesperson.

Each Space Warrior NFT grants voting rights to mint owners, giving them a voice in the process. It also allows membership to the Club’s community where holders can enjoy a wide variety of benefits and utilities.

The Space Warriors Club creators have yet to announce the official launching date of the community. Interested digital art collectors and investors are strongly advised to stay connected on Discord to get updates. What is sure at this point is that there will be a presale before the public sale. The community has yet to reveal the official prices of the tokens during the presale and the public sale.