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NFT Community Mintonians Lays Down Impressive Rewards for Its Holders

As of late, non-fungible token (NFT) communities within the blockchain have been engaged in a competition to draw as many digital art collectors, NFT enthusiasts, and investors into their projects: the battle of the rewards. Apart from the quality and craftsmanship of the digital artworks, potential holders are also looking into what monetary rewards await them when they join. The NFT community from MintySwap, the Mintonians, understands full well that people are drawn to returns on their investment and so much more. It is for this reason that it has lined up impressive, ambitious, and highly attractive rewards that have been keeping potential holders on the edge of their seats. 

There is so much chatter about the MintySwap and Mintonians’ out-of-this-world rewards. Ten very lucky minters will get the chance to win $500 a month for life with an extra $100 every month for each month they diamond hand the NFT. To qualify, people should follow MintySwap, Mintonians, and DinosChibi on Twitter. They will also like and retweet the tweet containing the instructions. Lastly, they need to tag two NFT friends to complete qualifying. 

Among all the expected minters of Mintonians, one will be lucky enough to win the Minty Monroe and a staggering $1,000,000. This reward is one of the most surprising announcements to hit the metaverse, and potential holders are hustling to ready their wallets for the minting date. Today, the Mintonians Twitter account already has more than 18k followers, concrete proof that it is generating a lot of attention even on social media. In its recent launch, this NFT was sold out and raised a whopping $500,000 in just ten minutes.

The characters are unique hand-drawn tokens that will be randomly generated during minting. The characters are either male or female, with various traits that will be combined randomly. The exciting thing about being fortunate enough to generate a male and female Mintonian using the same wallet is its breeding feature, which means that they can produce Baby Mintonians. These little and adorable characters will act as sidekicks within the community game called Legends of Mintonia. The addition of the Baby Mintonians into anyone’s collection adds great value to their NFT portfolio. Coming up with this special feature is an original and out-of-the-box way of thinking. 

The team behind MintySwap is composed of some of the most brilliant minds in the NFT and business worlds today. At the helm of bringing it to the next level is its CEO and founder Layth Samarah. Working diligently alongside him are Mikeal Kenan as COO, Tadej Slamic as Chief Development Officer, and Quinn Ehrler as Chief Gaming Officer. Together, they are committed to making MintySwap and all of its future NFT communities and projects the most exciting and investment-worthy ventures that collectors and NFT enthusiasts have ever encountered within the metaverse. 

Learn more about the Mintonians by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter account for updates on its latest projects. Check out its Instagram account to view its colorful and well-crafted characters.