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Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute: A Father-Son Team of Elite Business and Leadership Coaches

The world will be largely meaningless without some form of leadership, impact, sustainability skills, and results. Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is a global coaching organization that makes all these happen in the world through elite coaching and training. Established by Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr., a Master Certified Coach, Certified Master Trainer (ATD), and International Speaker and Trainer. He is assisted by his son, Coach Mario A. Garcia, who joined the Institute five years ago and is the director of Training and Operations.

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is recognized as a powerhouse for global leadership coaching and is headed by NLP master practitioners and world-class professionals in coaching and training. Also called Neuro Strategic Coach®, Dr. Mario Garcia Jr. has been in the personal and leadership development industry for 30 years, and he established Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute to equip leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations with skills to impact the world.

The institute has delivered a wide range of offers and signature programs for 20 years, and it is well-recognized as a top-tier institute in the leadership industry. The institute has established the Five Best Practices of Legacy Leadership®. Business owners must become a holder of vision and values™, a creator of collaboration and innovation,™ an influencer of inspiration and leadership™, an advocator of differences and community™, and a calibrator of responsibility and accountability™.

Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute is all about training, coaching, and mentoring teams all over the world. The institute targets profit and non-profit organizations, business leaders, other leaders, CEOs, C-Suite, coaches, consultants, and other trainers. Using evidence-based strategies and principles of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology, and accelerated learning, Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute has created an environment where the coaches and clients form a partnership that helps design and creates the perfect future goals.

The key strategy that the Garcias use is to ensure the client sees the destination before getting there. This stimulates a strong desire to achieve their goals. Building The Neuro Strategic Coach® brand happened as a result of coaching, training, and speaking in 45 countries worldwide. Dr. Mario Garcia, Jr. has taught the four pillars of the Neuro Strategic Coaching Institute everywhere he coached or trained people. These four pillars—vision, alignment, impact, and legacy—are important for anyone looking to achieve their dreams.

In Dr. Mario Garcia’s words, “To achieve a dream, clients must be able to see their outcomes as if now as if they have achieved them. They must be in full alignment and congruent with their beliefs and values. And they must be the legacy now, which is not about what you will leave behind. To do so, individuals must decide, commit, act, and take full responsibility and accountability for their decisions.”

The institute’s goal is to reach every part of the United States and the world at large. Dr. Mario hopes to have at least one Legacy Leader® in every organization that will lead and coach their teams to model excellence.

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