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N.M. Sanchez: The Cuban-American Poet Touching Hearts Worldwide

Poetry can move people in ways that no other form of art may be able to accomplish. Words written in a certain way to evoke emotions and sensations can connect so many strangers. This is what N.M. Sanchez has accomplished with her writing.

N.M. Sanchez is a Cuban-American author based in Miami, Florida. To date, she has self-published two books, both of which are collections of her poems. Her first collection of poems, Initial Meeting, was published in January 2018. This book provided the narrative and inspiration for the short film “Have We Met Before?” directed by Yossuana Aguilar. The second collection was published this July and is titled Lovers in Theory.

Both these books are best-selling books in their category, often competing with other books distributed by large publishing outlets. Despite having limited resources as a self-published author, N.M. Sanchez has become a rising presence among Hispanic-American writers and has cemented herself as a figure in contemporary literature. She achieved her success through dedication, perseverance, and self-reliance.

N.M. Sanchez draws inspiration from various sources for her poetry. The poems she writes primarily relate to reincarnation, love, loss, human connection, dreams, and the human condition. These resonate with a lot of her readers, and many have reached out, saying how they felt the poems helped them get through challenging times. As a writer whose works rely on emotion, she values this connection she has with her readers.

This successful author first started sharing her poetry through Instagram back in 2017. As more and more people found her poetry to be moving as well as relatable, her social media following grew, and she gained a solid fan base. N.M. Sanchez has cultivated a unique style and voice in her poetry by blending her doctoral-level training in psychology with themes of existentialism, romanticism, and the notion of past lives and parallel universes. By immersing herself in the emotional and creative aspects of writing, this talented writer has succeeded in a contemporary environment, distinguishing herself from the various social media poets of today.

Publishing her work without the support of major publishing outlets has given N.M. Sanchez a unique set of challenges for widespread distribution. Still, she did not let it stop her from putting her work out into the world. Self-publishing can be difficult, but she has proven that up-and-coming authors can have success with it. This successful writer has been able to market and sustain her work, and she has exceeded expectations for self-published authors.

Her books have reached readers across the United States and worldwide, from the United Kingdom to Germany, Greece, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Netherlands. With such a broad audience, N.M. Sanchez has touched the lives and hearts of so many people.

This author hopes that people continue to find her work moving, helpful, and relatable. She is devoted to writing, and she aims to keep on leaving a positive impact on her readers. N.M. Sanchez also wants to inspire other Cuban-American poets and writers to continue with their craft, so there can be more representation for them in contemporary poetry.

For more information on N.M. Sanchez, you may visit her website or Instagram page.

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