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Lito Jordan Champions Independence with His Music and Record Company

Musician and entrepreneur Lito Jordan discovered how empowering it is for him to take control over his own life and destiny. “There is something about owning your own thing that gives you a different level of perspective and integrity,” says Lito. His mission is to influence others to manifest their desired reality and chase after their dreams.

The recording artist from Chicago, Illinois, uses his music as his primary tool in sharing with urban America the power of ownership. People with day to day struggles, which includes just about everyone, will easily relate to his songs. Lito comes from a place of truth when he creates music. His humble yet expressive musicality combines profound substance with a unique style. Lito’s organic yet powerful delivery of his music always causes listeners to be pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of his process, Lito explains that he speaks for his neighborhood. From song inception to performance, Lito visualizes everyday people who work hard to make something for themselves. This acute awareness of the collective human pursuit allows him to project his struggles and aspirations to his listeners. At the same time, his professionalism, the sound of his music, and his overall talent are on par with mainstream artists. This unique combination of qualities makes Lito one to watch out for.

It saddens Lito to observe that his fellow artists are told what to do, what to say, and what not to say. He is concerned with the fact that rappers signed to labels all sound the same. The loss of sovereignty is a struggle that he is intimately familiar with. Earlier in his life, he worked in numerous jobs for other people. This experience acquainted him with the challenges of working without passion.

Examining his options more carefully, Lito decided to create his own platform where he can express himself with authenticity. He founded Family Over Everything Records to cultivate his sense of self-sustainability, independence, and entrepreneurship. Today, Family Over Everything is one of the biggest record companies in the industry. He is making the most of his power to say and do what he wants when he wants to, and in whatever way he desires. Lito has successfully maximized his platform to speak on what is going on in the world, his views, and his life.

Allowing himself to be retrospective, Lito admits that growth brings with it some discomfort. However, he never allowed himself to give in to the self-imposed limitations and fears. His journey has helped him develop the strength and courage to outgrow people and places.

Lito Jordan hopes that all who will listen to his music and hear of his story will learn that people can attain whatever vision they have for themselves. His experiences have taught him that with dedication and passion, anyone can live a life worth having. It will require hard work, but all will eventually realize the person they are meant to become.

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