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Leaked Patent Reveals Apple’s Initial Plans to Integrate a Camera to the Apple Watch

A 2019 leaked patent reveals what could have been for the Apple Watch
A 2019 leaked patent reveals what could have been for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most anticipated products in recent memory, and it’s no surprise why. The company has consistently elevated its industry with innovative concepts. For example, a patent reveals plans to integrate cameras on smartwatches that offer unparalleled functionality for users who want both fashion-forward style and cutting-edge technology at every turn.

Rumors have been floating around for years about Apple adding a camera on their smartwatch – a concept that was realized by Samsung years earlier. However, the product never took off. However, a leaked patent granted by Apple outlines designs involving tiny cameras attached to watches which could give them an edge over competitors who don’t currently offer this feature.

The leak of this patent online has revealed concepts for the camera-integrated Apple Watch. This smartwatch would install cameras at both ends with light emitters to help users take photos in low-lit conditions, all while retaining its traditional navigating function for more straightforward navigation through life’s little moments.

The Apple Watch’s camera would be able to detach and fit into a special slot on the strap. This solves one problem that has lingered with smartwatches, which is how you would take photos when your arm isn’t extended enough from its usual position.

Fans of the Apple Watch should not get their hopes up about a possible camera installation. The patent was filed in 2019, but it’s important to remember that patents are only indications and do not guarantee any features will make production.

Fans of the Apple Watch will have to wait until WWDC 2022 for them to reveal what new features their device has. However, it is likely that this year’s model, which may come with an improved design and some blood pressure monitoring tools, among other things mentioned above as well, will launch during fall time. Additionally, reports have emerged that a rugged version of the watch may see the light, giving athletes and hikers something to look forward to.

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