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iOS 16 Reportedly Part of Apple’s Announcements at the WWDC This Year

The next generation of iPhones is always highly anticipated, and this year’s leaks for the iPhone 14 series are accompanied by exciting news. The iOS 16 will see Apple devices upgrade their lock screen and messaging features, and health apps with an update that brings new capabilities to all three areas.

iOS 16 will be announced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which means that Apple’s plans for the next major update are just around the corner. The company usually releases these updates in June or July, so it would make sense to expect an announcement any day now.

The new operating system is a significant upgrade with changes across the whole lot, affecting everything from updates and notifications to iPad multitasking or even messages. It will also finally address the lock screen interface, an aspect that many have clamored about in the past few years.

In iOS 16, Apple is planning significant upgrades for the lock screen. One of these features will allow users to download wallpapers with widget-like capabilities and even an always-on display which was initially introduced in 2018’s iPhone 13 concept video by Tim Cook (Apple CEO), which means you’ll soon be able to see important information like notifications without opening up your phone in the same way that the latest Apple Watches allows.

The iPhone 14 models will come with more features than ever before, but save the more exclusive features for the Pro and Pro Max models. For example, the always-on mode is reported as exclusive to the two, which will also sport a front-facing camera and Face ID cutout on the display panel, something that will be seen in the base model; it has an A16 Bionic chip for faster processing speeds alongside its 48 MP back camera.

The iPhone 14 models are all expected to come with an OLED screen and 120Hz refresh rate, but they will also use Low- Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) backplane technology. This allows AMOLED displays for higher rates in areas that need it while using lower ones when there’s no action happening on the device or if you’re just reading static information such as text messages from your partner across town instead of being able to see what’s going inside their latest Instagram post.

A new iOS 16 update by Apple also hints at better windowing support within iPad web browsers, so we can expect even smoother videos playing throughout various apps like YouTube without any lag time whatsoever.

The WWDC is a major event for Apple enthusiasts as it brings together all of the new features coming to major operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS and macOS. This year’s conference will be no different, with rumors suggesting that there could even be an announcement regarding the redesigned MacBook Air.