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Iconic Mavericks NFT Bringing Iconic Figures to Life through Digital Art

As part of the digital takeover that non-fungible tokens have been doing over the last two years, more and more projects are coming out and utilizing uniqueness and innovation. This time, Iconic Mavericks is the newest NFT project bringing digital art to life while embodying traits from modern-day culture into iconic figures that represent the most celebrated people and things in the world.

Iconic Mavericks is a collection of 8,884 tokens made up of exciting visual traits inspired by the most iconic brands in the world. The team was put together by Benjamin Dinkins a founder. The art is designed by Criss Bellini, and the entire concept sheds light on some of the things that the world chooses to memorialize and celebrate. The Iconic Maverick universe holds a lot of promise, which revolves around owning or holding at least a piece of the artwork. Additionally, Iconic Maverick holders get exclusive access to the latest products, merchandise, art and events that the creative team may have in store at any given time.

There is a growing community built around Iconic Mavericks made up of real-life successful entrepreneurs and business owners who own profitable 7 to 9-figure businesses in various industries like real estate, e-commerce, digital businesses, blockchain, marketing, art, etc. Every member of the community gets the opportunity to network with one another and learn business skills directly from other members with tested and trusted success strategies. The project’s team also has plans to organize events in Las Vegas, Miami, Gstaad, and many other places, with holders of the token getting access to these events for free.

The team behind Iconic Mavericks cares about community members who stick with the project and take them importantly. “These are the most important people to us because they believe in the project and its mission. So we are constantly looking for new, interesting and unique ways to reward them,” a spokesperson for the team said. Some of the perks lined up for holders include lifetime access to mastermind events, merchandise and physical gifts. In addition, their Twitter and Instagram pages and their Discord server provide all the updates prospective holders need about the project.

At its core, the philosophy behind the creation of Iconic  Mavericks NFT is to give people who are determined to achieve their hearts’ desires a sense of belonging and a platform to thrive. “Our community is filled with people who set out to create their own, are unbothered by rejection, the trouble makers who haven’t found their place, those who never fit in, those living life on their own terms, those who don’t settle for mediocrity, and those who don’t need clarifications. They stand for a better world which they have set out to create with their visions and creations. It is a club where all are welcome,” Criss Bellini said.

After minting, each holder with more than ten Iconic Mavericks is eligible to receive an airdrop of an exclusive Criss Bellini Physical Print. Over the next few weeks, the team will host a giveaway on Twitter, and the project will go live for public sale on March 25, 2022.