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Human Trafficking Victims Take Refuge and Find a Family in Magdalena’s Daughters

For some, a happy family is something they were simply born into. But for others who are less fortunate, a family, let alone a happy one, is something as elusive as winning the lottery. Needless to say, not everyone is blessed with a home. 

And taking heed of the call to fill the void in lives that have yet to experience the warmth of a family, Ashley Hill, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, founded Magdalena’s Daughters

After years of experience with working for intense foster youth, Ashley has made it her lifelong mission to address the dangers surrounding foster youth like human trafficking and sexual exploitation. And by shedding light on such pressing issues, the passion-driven advocate believes that through Magdalena’s Daughters, she can provide a safe space for vulnerable individuals and give them the protection they deserve. 

Founded in 2018 by no other than Ashley Hill herself, Magdalena’s Daughters was built to cater to San Bernardino County’s lack of specialized homes for the female foster youth who are victims or who are at high risk of sex trafficking. And although the non-profit organization does not have any current homes, it is aiming to provide housing and increase bed availability for the county in the next couple of years. 

Moreover, Magdalena’s Daughters will also provide intensive therapeutic services for those in the foster youth community to help them heal from the trauma they endured. The organization’s goal is to reduce the rate of sex trafficking and to promote healthy relationships that boost the quality of living. 

Today, Magdalena’s Daughters is in the process of acquiring funding opportunities for a pilot study. But in the meantime, it is using its voice to educate others on sex trafficking and human exploitation. In addition, it seeks to address the risk factors of abuse, such as the history of trauma, lack of social support, and absence of family care. 

To conduct further research and add more information about the dire consequences of human trafficking and exploitation, Magdalena’s Daughters will continue to raise awareness by attending conferences and providing education to the affected communities. Also, it plans to develop family-styled avenues in various cities and counties across the United States. 

As a result of working with the foster youth for a considerable amount of time already, Ashley has identified the barriers keeping the victims from obtaining recovery. And using her expertise and well-grounded experience, she dedicates her life to place the oppressed under her wings.

Throughout her career, Ashley has developed the fundamental belief that as long as individuals are given the right guidance, support, and environment, they can tap into their abilities and give themselves the chance to thrive, grow, and evolve.

Human trafficking may be something that people casually hear on the news or randomly see on the headlines. But for Ashley, who had up-close encounters with victims of exploitation, the terrors and gruesome details thereof are as real as they can get. And for this reason, she invites everyone to join Magdalena’s Daughters in its movement of bringing love and safety to the foster youth. 

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