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How To Find Success As A Coach In The Digital Age

We live in an age when becoming a coach or a consultant has never been easier. With a low barrier to entry, nowadays, almost anyone can become a certified coach and start pitching their services. Coaches have achieved great success by utilizing platforms like Klouser, and many of them managed to build six to seven even eight-figure businesses through social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and some found great success on YouTube as well.  However, despite the incredible results that coaches managed to achieve, we still see a lot of them struggling to find their ideal clients and achieving real success in the new digital age.    There are many performance or business coaches out there that can end up dealing with failure.

Why is that?

Obviously, there are many pitfalls and challenges in front of every performance coach, and it all comes down to the approach of each professional. Some get to have some amazing results, others not so much. Only with the right strategy and approach will a business or life coach be able to achieve success. With that in mind, we asked Mariana, a certified Life&Performance Business Coach, to give us some suggestions on how to set yourself apart and achieve great success in the new digital age.

1. Serve don’t sell

The first thing that comes to mind, whether you have just started working with your first client or you are a seasoned coach, you have to understand that coaching is about serving your clients. Create possibilities and accompany clients to be ready for showing into the life they want to create, dream, and hope for. You are impacting their lives and career which is precious to them, so you have to put your needs aside at first and really focus on creating a powerful impact in their lives in such a way that they never forget the conversations they have with you. The results you are helping them create are real and will speak more for your success as a coach than anything else.

2. Leverage digital platforms

Social media can help incredibly well with credibility as well as exposure. Posting your day to day on stories makes people get to know you more, and start asking for more information. As well as getting a sneak peek into your life as a coach. Social media is perfect for building a strong community, and that is essential. It has given us an amazing gift: the facility to connect and reach out to people everywhere in live time through lives, likes, and posts.

3. Be active and creative

 Interact daily on channels that best fit you, be active and creative with your audience. Know whom you are talking to, understand who your potential clients are and what they need. This way, you can design for them, webinars, lives, posts, and more! Giving a personalized user experience is everything!

Learn to engage and interact with your community consistently: Generate exclusive digital content for your different social media, reply to comments in real-time and in a friendly way, inviting them for more, making them feel valuable and safe, do live videos and interactions in real and live time.

4. Be fearless!

I can give a lot more tips but I would say that this one will resume them all: DARE TO BE A

“FEARLESS” COACH! Learn to make extraordinary requests and invite opportunities to have difficult conversations with your clients. Like someone told me: “Success can be measured in the number of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.” It doesn’t matter who your client is, they are paying you to be one of the few people in the world who is willing to say the things that no one else will say to them. So be fearless.

If you are starting out as a coach and are unsure of what to do and where to go, Mariana can answer your questions and point you in the right direction. And if you are seeking changes yourself, become a part of her community.

Mariana is not just a regular coach, she is an entrepreneur with a tender heart, inspiring others to achieve great change in their lives. Her goal was always to help others achieve  their full potential, and she is doing that with great results