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How the Paradox Group is Bridging the Gap Between Advertisers and Publications

As the blockchain space continues to grow, companies within the sector will often experience their fair share of challenges. It’s not uncommon for these particular companies to want to experience substantial growth without knowledge on building brand awareness or creating more of a buzz around their brand. Fortunately, those within the blockchain space can rely on the Paradox Group for assistance. The Paradox Group is a digital advertising agency that works with DeFi, FinTech, and Blockchain companies.

“While founding Paradox, we quickly realized that there was this massive gap where companies wanted to experience substantial growth but weren’t sure how to do so. And, unfortunately, the publications didn’t know how to bring in more clients. So it became a major issue for these business owners that wanted to succeed,” shared Milo McCloud, the Co-Founder & Creative Director of the Paradox Group. “We wanted to provide a way to fill this gap, so we decided to start the business and help create more awareness for the advertisers. The goal was to create a consistent revenue stream for publications, which we’ve managed to do within such a short period.”

The company initially launched in 2019 and has been working feverishly to bridge the gap between advertisers and publications ever since. The customer-centric company puts the customers’ needs first to create an enhanced experience for its clients. In addition, the Paradox Group has had to overcome numerous challenges over the past several years, such as making it easier for companies to understand how the company could help them in the simplest way possible.

“We wanted the customers to realize that we could make a significant difference, so we decided to build a fully functional marketplace for advertisements. The client can purchase advertising space and have a dashboard available to keep track of each campaign’s performance, making it easier to see what works and what doesn’t,” shared McCloud. “We’ve established partnerships with some of the leading publications and have invested heavily into the awareness of Paradox. We want companies within the blockchain space to know that we’re here to help. As a result, we’ve been able to build trust amongst the community of publications and advertisers who’d like to work with us. Gaining that trust was most important to us.”

Building trust in such a young market was the top priority for Milo McCloud and the team at the Paradox Group. The company has since taken several essential steps to expand its publishing network and cover more industries while stabilizing revenue for the clients and the company itself. The Paradox Group has already partnered with several great companies, including Quora, Brave Browser, and Opera, with plans to join more partnerships with other leading companies within the next few months.

The company hopes to expand even further into different digital advertising routes while working with several new industries to help them experience substantial growth. Paradox’s goal is to form long-term partnerships with its clients to help them take advantage of cost-efficient advertising methods while keeping client delivery as a top priority.