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How HoloGear Has Revolutionized the Sports Industry with Their Innovative Equipment

For athletes, nothing beats the feeling of playing sports at night. With no sun to glare at them during their game or leave them sunburnt, they can enjoy playing to the cold breeze of the night. The only setback they face is the lack of vision in their games, as specific venues only provide dim lights. HoloGear is a company whose mission is to give athletes the nighttime sports experience that they deserve.

HoloGear was founded in 2019 by CEO Jonah Belanger and President Ryan Richards, both at the age of 25. Belanger was motivated to follow in the footsteps of his family as they were all entrepreneurs. Their upbringing played a massive influence in the person he’s become today, helping him create the startup success that is HoloGear. 

Located in Chicago, Illinois, HoloGear is a revolutionary sporting goods company that has devised an innovative way to play sports at night and create the most eye-catching sports content. HoloGear is set to shake up the sports experience. Their products are built with patent-pending holographic leather that can hold up for games whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Hologear has various products that include basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, arm sleeves, windbreakers, hoodies, and HoloGlasses. They have solved the longstanding problem of playing sports at night and combined it with the unique social media flair. In nearly two years, the company was able to generate millions in sales.

Starting with a hundred basketballs’ first purchase, business escalated quickly into 20 to 30,000 units per time. The company is easily one of the fast-growing new sporting goods companies in the United States. It doesn’t come off as a surprise as their products have the unique feature of glowing when people wear their HoloGlasses while they play at night or when they film with flash. 

While they aren’t the pioneering company in glowing sports equipment, HoloGear is the most recognizable brand. Their products are created with holographic leather that gives athletes the same feel as legitimate game balls, while other companies produce balls that look like battery-operated plastic toys. HoloGear doesn’t require any battery as they reflect flash in multiple ways.

HoloGear is widely recognized and has even sponsored an AllStar Celebrity Basketball game for the Super Bowl in Miami with big names like Floyd Mayweather and Swae Lee in attendance. They also exhibited at the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019. Last year, it was around this time that they were preparing to move into their first 2,000 square foot office unit. Since then, they have added another unit for a total of 5,000 square feet in Chicago. HoloGear does all their shipping and marketing in-house and have grown from a two-person team to working with twenty employees in such a short time.

Jonah Balengar and Ryan Richards are excited to see what the future holds for HoloGear. They are working to establish themselves as a household brand in the years to come. They are already planning to start their own sports leagues by next year along with global distribution worldwide. HoloGear is also projecting to create night holographic flag football for children everywhere.

To learn more about HoloGear and its products, you may visit their website.