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How Eugen Ambur Turned to Technology and Catapulted Himself to Success

Technology has forever shifted people’s perspectives on going about their daily lives. As a matter of fact, the advent of technological advances has elevated multiple industries across the globe, providing them with innovative solutions and groundbreaking discoveries. In the financial landscape, for instance, cryptocurrencies and digital assets are only some of the relatively new concepts that have entirely changed the game. Heavily intrigued by the rise of the crypto trend, Eugen Ambur decided to dive into the world of technology and learn more about the decentralized digital currency known as Bitcoin. As an expert in this field, he is considered an emerging authority that individuals can rely on for advice and tips. 

Even at a young age, Eugen Ambur already found himself drawn toward activities and endeavors associated with using technology and developing unique solutions. “My story starts in the former Soviet Union, where I was actually born. As a kid, I liked everything related to the digital world and technology,” he said. “For instance, I built my own electric toys. The only problem I had back then was that we generally did not have that many opportunities,“ he further revealed. 

In an effort to fuel his interest in technology, Eugen Ambur began establishing his reputation in the field by programming and hacking in the early years. He then worked on his passion for helping people develop their own websites.

Because of his childhood, Eugen Ambur made sure he would accomplish his goals and fulfill his dreams. According to the visionary, he simply wanted to make up for the things that he was not able to experience in the past. For this reason, he was always relentless with his pursuits and was never afraid of taking risks. He wants to remind other go-getters and dreamers that anything is possible as long as they put in the work and effort. 

Eugen Ambur’s crypto journey can be traced back to 2013, when he began dabbling in the world of investments and digital assets. In an interview, he shared that he had already known about Bitcoin since 2010 and that this made him less concerned or skeptical about his investment being way too unsubstantiated or dicey. 

When he invested, Eugen Amber encountered a customer who offered to pay for his services through Bitcoin. After that fateful transaction, he started receiving offers for thousands of bitcoins but would end up declining all of them because he knew nothing about them. In order to address this gap, he challenged himself to improve his knowledge of technology and finance. He then started to study the ins and outs of the digital currency scene when the price of Bitcoin became over a thousand dollars. 

As he went further into his study and research about digital currency, Eugen Amber learned that Bitcoin is the tool of the future in the financial world and is a highly reliable system that is deflationary, transparent, portable, and usable for people from all walks of life. On top of that, he also witnessed the significant role that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin play in building wealth and generating income.