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High Horse House NFT Taking Partying to the Next Level in the Digital World

Non-fungible tokens have continued their dominance in the digital world and have continued to give digital enthusiasts more promising things to hold on to. The world has gone fully digital, and virtually everyone with a progressive mind is to an extent tilted towards the different innovations making the rounds now. Leveraging the hype and the growing trust that people are beginning to place in these digital innovations, High Horse House NFT is making an entrance into the scene, offering not just utility but a lot of fun to go along with it.

The concept of NFTs has proven to be such a fluid one that creative creators can do just about anything imaginable with the concept. While many creators have focused on releasing artworks with the potential to grow in value, the creators behind High Horse House NFT are doing a lot more than the bare minimum. High Horse House NFT is an immersive project that promises unparalleled rewards that start with welcoming holders into its elite society of fun lovers. High Horse House NFT thrives on its promise of offering endless good times and fun. It makes good on that promise by giving its holders the opportunity to behold the fun experience through its immersive features that deliver engaging games, DAO voting, insane prizes and mind-blowing parties.

Describing the project, a spokesperson for the creative team said: “We are targeting NFT collectors and newcomers to the NFT world, and we want to provide an ecosystem where everyone is benefiting.” With an interesting backstory that features horses as the main characters and a certain Dr. Von Derpus who trapped the animals in his laboratory, the concept of High Horse House NFT fits the project perfectly.  According to the story now, the horse characters run free, finding solace in the pleasures of the wider world and finding ways to get high. The bottomline for the project is to represent freedom, take pride in being different and not allowing those who wish the worst hold one back.

With hundreds of hours spent on creating the project, the creative team ensured they had a cohesive working relationship to effectively represent the project’s brand with the art. Along the line, as the project grows, Dr. Von Derpus will be revealed as a BAYC. The project’s public sale will commence on February 12, 2022, at a mint price of 0.123 ETH 9plus gas fees). The creators chose such a low price to give every interested holder the opportunity to be a part of the project and enjoy all the fun it promises in the metaverse. Every holder of High Horse House NFT can also use it to access many member-only benefits and access to exclusive events in both the Metaverse and real-life.

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